TRUSTe Praises FTC on Behavioral Marketing; Agrees that Strong Industry Self-Regulation is Needed

February 12, 2009 (San Francisco, Calif.) - The Federal Trade Commission issued its highly anticipated staff report on Self-Regulatory Principles for Online Behavioral Advertising today, a report that represents important guidance to the online advertising industry at a critical time.

“TRUSTe congratulates the Commission for issuing these principles, which will be essential for thousands of companies as they attempt to create business models for Internet advertising that are relevant,” said Fran Maier, CEO of TRUSTe. “We thank the FTC staff for recognizing the work that has been conducted by TRUSTe to provide guidance to companies in understanding the elements involved with behavioral advertising, and we are excited to continue to work together to effectively address online trust issues for the business community.”

In accordance with the FTC report, TRUSTe encourages businesses operating online to step forward and assert leadership roles in defining self-regulatory standards around behavioral advertising data practices. Businesses should mold their own company standards to ensure that they promote transparency, meet consumer expectations for fairness and assist consumers in making informed choices when deciding whether to share information.

TRUSTe, a privacy seal organization, issued Online Behavioral Advertising Checklist of Practices that Impact Consumer Trust on February 5, a white paper reviewing the current online behavioral advertising environment. The white paper provides a checklist to assist advertisers and publishers who wish to ensure they are engaging in behavioral advertising in a manner that provides transparency and consumer control. The white paper can be found at

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