TRUSTe Issues Online Behavioral Targeting Checklist

San Francisco, Calif. – February 2, 2009 - WHAT: As business models for Internet advertising rapidly develop and standards for personal data collection blur, the behavioral advertising environment is becoming increasingly confusing for both consumers and businesses. In response, TRUSTe today announced the release of the TRUSTe Online Behavioral Advertising: A Checklist of Practices that Impact Consumer Trust whitepaper, a general update on the evolving behavioral advertising environment. The paper is intended to help businesses assess and understand their privacy practices so that they are able to demonstrate transparency on behavioral advertising data practices and better meet consumer expectations.

WHY: In a current climate of diminishing consumer trust, these next few months will be a critical time for businesses to examine their online data use. With the onset of a new administration, pending Federal Trade Commission and other regulatory appointments expected regulatory and legislative developments point to increased scrutiny of their privacy practices. This checklist will assist companies in their internal review of their online data and advertising practices

WHO: Maureen Cooney, Chief Privacy Officer for TRUSTe, and Colin O’Malley, Vice President, Strategic Partnerships & Programs for TRUSTe, are available to comment on the following:

  • Provide background on the specifics of the practices described
  • Comment on the importance for companies to adhere to responsible behavioral targeting practices and provide advice on how to do so
  • Give an in-depth look at the “why now” factor: How the changes in the administration and the new appointments at the Federal Trade Commission may result in heightened attention to online trust issues and consumer privacy protection.

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