TRUSTe Partners with BrightTag to Expand EU Privacy Management Suite

Joint Solution Combines Industry-Leading Privacy and Tag Management Platforms to Provide Businesses with an Integrated Solution to Address the EU Cookie Directive

San Francisco, CA - May 10, 2012 - TRUSTe, the leading global privacy management solutions provider, and BrightTag, a technology platform provider for the digital marketing industry, today announced a technology partnership to expand the TRUSTe EU Privacy Management Suite. The technology partnership will integrate TRUSTe's comprehensive EU privacy solutions with BrightTag's industry-leading tag management and integration platform, helping companies to quickly and easily address the EU Cookie Directive.

With this turnkey solution, businesses can seamlessly combine their tag and privacy management services, delivering on-site notice for informed consent, as well as assuring consumer consent choices.

"Our collaboration with BrightTag allows us to deliver TRUSTe's EU privacy solutions at the source of data collection," said Chris Babel, CEO for TRUSTe. "This deep integration benefits companies by enabling them to address the EU Cookie Directive and also benefits consumers by providing additional assurance that their privacy choices are being honored."

"As an established leader creating privacy tools for consumers, TRUSTe provides website operators with a comprehensive out-of-the-box privacy solution to simplify cookie auditing and address the EU Cookie Directive's requirement for informed consent," said Mike Sands, CEO for BrightTag. "BrightTag's enabling technology helps TRUSTe deliver a robust cookie consent solution that can be simply and quickly implemented."

TRUSTe and BrightTag Integration Delivers Turnkey Solution for the EU Cookie Directive
Through integration with the BrightTag ONE™ platform, TRUSTe has extended the capabilities of its EU Privacy Management Suite. TRUSTe's flagship high-performance, real-time preference management platform, TRUSTed Consent Manager, is now linked with the unique capabilities of the BrightTag ONE integration platform that controls when and where tags and cookies are placed on a site-by-site basis. Consent Manager allows companies to:

  • Quickly and easily implement a full suite of EU privacy and tag management controls that address the EU Cookie Directive, including:
    • Auditing
    • Notice and Consent
    • Centralized and simplified tag management and cookie controls
  • Deliver control over how third-party marketing and analytics tags collect and distribute data on their sites
  • Classify tracking technologies on their sites in order to adhere to different levels of data collection standards required by the EU Cookie Directive

The TRUSTe-BrightTag solution also ensures the very highest privacy standards by leveraging TRUSTe's more than 14 years of online privacy expertise and recognized leadership as the leading global privacy management solutions provider.

The EU Cookie Directive requires that websites provide consumers with simple and easy-to-understand information regarding their choices for consent*, yet most websites were not designed for cookie control. Featuring the TRUSTed Consent Manager, the TRUSTe-BrightTag solution gives consumers clear transparency and choice regarding the collection and use of their personal data and can be easily implemented by website operators.

TRUSTed Consent Manager supports the informed consent requirement of the EU Cookie Directive and allows websites to implement either express or implied consent notices. As website operators determine the best way to communicate informed consent to their end users, they can leverage BrightTag's highly flexible platform to only allow cookies to be set that the consumer has approved.

TRUSTed Consent Manager and the privacy features within BrightTag ONE are available separately now, and are also available as an integrated solution. For additional information, contact TRUSTe at or EU: +44 (0) 203 078 6495 or visit

About BrightTag
BrightTag provides industry-leading tag management and data distribution solutions that help companies make their online data instantly useful in any web or mobile application, while solving fundamental privacy, data quality and site performance challenges. The BrightTag ONE™ integration platform moves beyond tags by directly connecting sites to services in real time, eliminating barriers and speeding innovation. BrightTag's clients include many of the world's top brands and hundreds of online marketing and analytics providers continue to integrate their technology with BrightTag ONE. BrightTag was named by VentureWire and an independent board of review at Dow Jones as one of the 50 most innovative technology companies of 2011 and a member of the FASTech50.

About TRUSTe
TRUSTe is the leading global Data Privacy Management (DPM) company and powers trust in the data economy by enabling businesses to safely collect and use customer data across their customer, employee, and vendor channels. Our SaaS-based DPM Platform gives users control over all phases of data privacy management from conducting assessments and implementing compliance controls to managing ongoing monitoring. Our DPM Services, including assessments and certifications, are delivered by an expert team of privacy professionals. Thousands of companies worldwide rely on TRUSTe to minimize compliance risk and protect their brand.