TRUSTe’s Newly Released Privacy Solutions Achieve Significant Industry Traction in Online Advertising, Tracking and Business Analytics
Key Industry Players Embrace Just-Launched Third-Party Data Collection Program; Company Announces General Availability of Internet Explorer 9 Tracking Protection List     

San Francisco, CA – April 4, 2011 – TRUSTe, the leading privacy trustmark and provider of privacy solutions, today announced key milestones demonstrating the tremendous traction of its comprehensive suite of privacy certification solutions for the rapidly changing world of online advertising, tracking and business analytics. The momentum reflects TRUSTe’s unparalleled reputation for high privacy and data management standards, respect for consumer choice, and dedication to extending online trust on any platform by providing key solutions that leverage TRUSTe’s unparalleled privacy expertise and innovative technologies.

First, TRUSTe announced that three new companies have selected its recently-unveiled TRUSTed Data privacy certification program. BlueKai has become the first data platform to be certified under the TRUSTed Data program; comScore, a global leader in measuring the digital world, is the first business analytics company to be certified under the program. Casale Media, a premium online media network, is currently undergoing the certification process. Each of these companies has demonstrated that they meet TRUSTe’s standards, including honoring consumer choices, limiting data retention and providing full disclosure.

In addition, TRUSTe today released general availability of its Internet Explorer 9-compatible Tracking Protection List (TPL) – IE Tracking Protection List – two months after its beta introduction during which time TRUSTe took industry and privacy advocacy feedback. The now widely available TRUSTed TPL is the only TPL solution available that gives consumers an “Allow” list in addition to a “Block” list. TRUSTe’s TPL “Allow” list now only includes companies that have been certified as part of TRUSTe’s TRUSTed Data program. The TPL also “blocks” tracking from companies not meeting minimum standards set forth by the industry. Consumers can download TRUSTe’s TRUSTed TPL at

“By embracing our suite of online privacy solutions, the advertising, tracking and analytics communities demonstrate demand for comprehensive and innovative solutions for a range of data and platform challenges,” said Chris Babel, CEO of TRUSTe. “TRUSTe pledges to continue to develop privacy solutions that enable agencies, advertisers, networks, publishers and analytics providers to engage with consumers in a way that allows for data-driven innovation – such as targeted advertising – while building trust through implementation of high privacy standards.”

Business Community Prefers TRUSTe for Online Privacy Expertise

The fact that companies are choosing TRUSTe’s advertising, tracking and analytics solutions, including its new TRUSTed Data third-party privacy program, highlights the value that the industry attributes to TRUSTe’s online privacy expertise.

“A big part of BlueKai’s service is focused on ensuring a positive overall experience for consumers, and privacy is a huge piece of that equation,” said Omar Tawakol, CEO of BlueKai, the world’s only complete platform for data, acquisition and analysis. “By working with the industry’s most recognized online privacy leader – TRUSTe – and meeting and exceeding its stringent program requirements, we can quickly communicate to consumer audiences that we care about their privacy through compliance to the highest standards available. By building trust, we eliminate fear and add significant value to our own service.”

“Trust and transparency are essential to the continued growth and evolution of the digital analytics ecosystem, and comScore recognizes the importance of adhering to these principles,” said Christiana L. Lin, EVP, general counsel and chief privacy officer at comScore. “By working with TRUSTe, comScore demonstrates its commitment to industry-accepted best practices for consumer privacy while delivering valuable solutions for our clients.”

“Certification with TRUSTe demonstrates our ongoing efforts to provide transparency, accountability and choice to both consumers and advertisers,” said Julia Casale-Amorim, chief marketing officer at Casale Media. “We are committed to having the strongest internal privacy controls and continuing to be a leader in compliance and consumer privacy protection.”

The “TRUSTed” Suite: TRUSTed Ads, TRUSTed Data, and TRUSTed TPL

TRUSTe’s suite of online privacy solutions for the advertising, tracking and business analytics industry provides a balanced view through transparency and choice – fundamental requirements to give consumers control over who can track their online browsing. According to a study by the Future of Privacy Forum, 46 percent of consumers are uncomfortable with targeted advertising without transparency and choice.

By complying with the TRUSTe privacy programs highlighted below, companies are included on the TRUSTed TPL “Allow” list, verifying that their internal privacy controls meet TRUSTe’s standards.

  • DAA-Approved TRUSTed Ads – its online behavioral advertising (OBA) self-regulatory service endorsed by the Digital Advertising Alliance.
  • TRUSTed Data– its recently announced certification program for third-party data collection.

TRUSTe provides the accountability and ensures certified companies’ privacy practices through continuous monitoring and oversight of their data collection practices and compliance with future browser-based solutions such as Do-Not-Track headers. The full criteria for TRUSTe’s TRUSTed Data privacy certification can be found here

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