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Online Behavioral Advertising (OBA) is one of the fastest growing and most successful forms of advertising. The following resources are available to help you learn more about OBA, the DAA, consumer opinions on privacy & behavioral advertising, and TRUSTe privacy solutions. Read More...




TRUSTe Advertising Privacy Event

July 25th, NYC
Keens Steakhouse

TRUSTe held a Behavioral Advertising Privacy Event in NYC on July 25th where we presented the results of our 2011 Consumer OBA Privacy research and discussed implications of the research along with an update on the industry’s move toward self-regulation with key executives from advertisers, publishers, agencies, ad technology providers, and associations.

Event Pictures

Panel Videos

Research Results Video

Research Results

Presented by Fran Maier – President, TRUSTe

Industry Implications of the Research Video

Industry Implications of the Research

Moderated by Chris Babel – CEO, TRUSTe

Genie Barton - Director Online Advertising Accountability, BBB
Tony Hadley - VP Government Affairs, Experian
Stephen Kline - Sr. Counsel Privacy & Regulatory Matters, Omnicom

Industry Compliance Progress Update Video

Industry Compliance Progress Update

Moderated by Bob Bahramipour – VP Ad Solutions, TRUSTe

Genie Barton – Director Online Advertising Accountability, BBB
Jason Bier – Chief Privacy Officer, Dotomi
Michael Ouellette - VP Publisher Development, OwnerIQ
Sal Tripi – Sr. Director of Operations & Compliance, PCH



2011 TRUSTe Behavioral Advertising Privacy Research

TRUSTe announces the results of our latest survey covering consumer privacy attitudes toward online behavioral advertising. This survey follows up on previous behavioral advertising surveys TRUSTe conducted in 2008 and 2009, revealing how consumer perceptions and attitudes have changed over time. Most importantly, this latest survey reveals how consumers today perceive and understand behavioral advertising and how that informs their actions and favorability toward it.

Survey Results

OBA Survey Results

Download the Results »

Tips for Best Practices

OBA Best Practices

Download the Best Practices »

Consumer Videos - Questions About Online Behavioral Advertising

Consumer Research Video

What do you think about online tracking?

Consumer Research Video

What type of information do you think the advertisers know about you?

Consumer Research Video

What options (if any) do you have to control this type of activity? Do you use them?

Consumer Research Video

What if advertisers used this information to show you ads about products you were more interested in? How would you feel then?

Consumer Research Video

Overall, are you concerned about online Privacy? Is this a bigger concern than years before? Why?

Consumer Research Video

Who do you think is most responsible for safeguarding your privacy online? Why?

Consumer Research Video

Would you pay for online content (magazines, blogs, etc.) that is advertising supported in exchange for No Tracking? How much?


Other Resources

A list of other valuable resources regarding Online Behavioral Advertising Privacy are listed below.

WEBINAR: Are Your Ads Performing and Compliant? OBA Trends, Tips, and Self-Regulation for Decision Makers

Thursday, July 14, 2011.

Peter Kosmala DAA
Scott Malick, Scottrade
Fran Maier, TRUSTe

View the Webinar »

WEBINAR: Online Behavioural Targeting in the EU; Cashing In Without Falling Foul Of The Regulators

Thursday, July 14, 2011

David Manet, Yieldivision
Marty Henningsgard, AdXpose
Justin, VisitBritain
Bob Bahramipour, TRUSTe

View the Webinar »

About OBA Self-Regulation

The Digital Advertising Alliance's (DAA) website provides educational information and guidance documents for their Self-Regulatory Program For Online Behavioral Advertising.

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About TRUSTed Ads

TRUSTe is the largest DAA-approved compliance provider with its TRUSTed Ads technology platform.

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For Consumers:About Behavioral Advertising

TRUSTe's educational site for consumers to learn more about how behavioral advertising works and how to use related privacy controls. .

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Press Kit

The following resources are provided to assist members of the press. For additional information regarding press opportunities, please contact Lela Gradman, TRUSTe at

Press Release

July 25, 2011 - New TRUSTe Survey Finds Consumer Education and Transparency Vital for Sustainable Growth and Success of Online Behavioral Advertising - 94% Believe Online Privacy is an Important Issue; DAA’s Advertising Option Icon Helps Alleviate Consumer Concerns.

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