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Protecting Kids’ Privacy – An Ever-Evolving Effort

April 06, 2017


Chris Babel, CEO As a father of 3 boys, kids’ online privacy is important to me, as it is incredible where kids can wander and what mischief they can get into online. TRUSTe has been focused on kids’ privacy since we launched our Children’s Privacy Certification program in 2001, shortly after the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (“COPPA”) regulations became effective. We updated the program in 2013, after the COPPA regulations were revised. As part of that update to the program, we introduced new processes to help companies understand the tracking taking place on their websites so they can manage … Continue reading Protecting Kids’ Privacy – An Ever-Evolving Effort

European Parliament declares EU data protection reform irreversible after vote

March 13, 2014

Yesterday, the European Parliament gave its backing to the European Commission’s data protection reform ahead of European elections in May, with 621 votes in favour, 10 against and 22 abstentions for the proposed Regulation. This vote means the position of the Parliament is now set in stone and will not change even if the composition of the Parliament changes following the elections. For those struggling to keep track of exactly what stage the reform has reached, there is now just one final hurdle the proposed Regulation needs to clear to be become law –adoption by the Council of Ministers using … Continue reading European Parliament declares EU data protection reform irreversible after vote

TRUSTe Congratulates IBM on APEC Certification

August 20, 2013

TRUSTe congratulates IBM on the milestone achievement of being the first company to certify their data transfer practices with TRUSTe under the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Cross Border Privacy Rules (CPBR) system. One of the certification requirements is to have an Accountability Agent to certify compliance with the CBPRs. TRUSTe as the first Accountability Agent for APEC’s privacy framework, worked closely with IBM to ensure both online and offline data collection points were in compliance with the CBPR system.  TRUSTe will monitor ongoing compliance and deliver consultative services throughout the partnership. The safe handling of consumers’ personal information is crucial … Continue reading TRUSTe Congratulates IBM on APEC Certification

Will the new COPPA Rules Effect TRUSTe’s COPPA Safe Harbor Program?

December 19, 2012

Jim Rennie
Sr. Product Counsel | TRUSTe

Today, the FTC announced new amendments to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) rules.  COPPA focuses on the collection and use of data concerning children under the age of 13.  COPPA was first enacted in 2000, the new rule amendments are intended to update the law and bring it in line with current technologies and practices.  The new rules go into effect July 1, 2013.

TRUSTe’s COPPA Safe Harbor program has been a leading compliance solution for companies seeking to serve the needs of children and their parents online.

As a leader in online privacy compliance, TRUSTe has always strived to set a bar for certification that is above the bare minimum required.  This philosophy helps to smooth the transition sparked by rule changes such as this one, as many of the changes are already incorporated into TRUSTe’s program requirements and our best practice recommendations.

For example: under the new rules, geolocation data will be considered Personal Information which may not be collected without parental consent.  Not only has TRUSTe required geolocation data to be treated as Personal Information for several years, we have also required transmission of such information be encrypted in order to enhance consumer safety.

Similarly, under the new rules unique identifiers such as mobile device IDs and IP addresses are considered Personal Information.  TRUSTe has been advising our client for some time that our understanding of Personal Information includes exactly these types of identifiers. Read more “Will the new COPPA Rules Effect TRUSTe’s COPPA Safe Harbor Program?”

TRUSTe Privacy Pioneers and Mavericks Series: UK ICO David Smith Talks Data Privacy with TRUSTe’s Saira Nayak

December 12, 2012

TRUSTe Pioneers and Mavericks - David Smith

Continuing our celebration of thought leaders and innovators in the data privacy industry, we are delighted to release our 2nd interview in our recently announced TRUSTe Privacy Pioneers and Mavericks Series. David Smith, Deputy Commissioner of the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) sat down with TRUSTe’s Saira Nayak to gain his perspectives on data protection – both as a UK regulator and a member of the Article 29 Working Party – and to discuss those important incentives that underlie effective privacy protection for both consumers and businesses in all jurisdictions.

When asked about the UK’s approach to compliance with the Cookie Directive, he explained that

“you might call it a ‘risk-based approach.’ The extent of action we as an enforcement authority would take depends on the risk to privacy. The more risk that there is detriment to an individual including not just financial endangerment, but also emotional upset or distress, the more seriously the need for action becomes.” Read more “TRUSTe Privacy Pioneers and Mavericks Series: UK ICO David Smith Talks Data Privacy with TRUSTe’s Saira Nayak”

TRUSTe – Anniversary Fun and Games (and Cool Prizes!)

July 16, 2012

Chris Babel

If you haven’t heard, TRUSTe is marking its 15-year anniversary, and we’re kicking it off with an Open House scheduled Thursday, July 19. During the past decade and a half we’ve delivered some of the industry’s most innovative privacy management solutions. And we’ve delivered them for an online world that has been transformed by changes that we couldn’t possibly have imagined 15 years ago. Consider, for example:

  • Had anyone even heard of online behavioral advertising in 1997?
  • Would you have understood how (or been able) to shop online and make a purchase from the cloud?