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Jan 22 2015

Obama Addresses Privacy, Security at SOTU Address

By Alexandra Vesalga, Esq., Regulatory Intelligence Analyst, TRUSTe In this week’s State of the Union Address, the president remarked on several privacy and cybersecurity initiatives in the works, including a proposed federal data breach law, a renewed proposal for a consumer privacy bill of rights and a student data privacy bill. Privacy was expected to …

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Jan 14 2015

Obama to Introduce New Data Privacy Initiatives at Next Week’s SOTU

The word is out that data privacy will be a key issue in President Obama’s State of the Union address next week (Jan. 20). This week, the president met with the Federal Trade Commission to give a preview of the new data privacy initiatives he plans to introduce.  The anticipated legislation includes the Personal Data …

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Jun 19 2012

TRUSTe CEO Testifies Before Congress

US Capitol

John Gamble Marketing Manager | TRUSTe @johnaddisonImage Credit Chris Babel, TRUSTe’s Chief Executive Officer, will testify today before the House Judiciary Subcommittee on “New Technologies and Innovations in the Mobile, and Online space, and the Implications for Public Policy”.  Mr. Babel will share new privacy technologies developed by TRUSTe to address consumer privacy in the mobile …

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Feb 24 2012

How the White House Privacy Announcement Benefits Advertisers


John Gamble Marketing Manager | TRUSTe @johnaddison   Photo Credit The White House just released a major privacy report, which we previously covered here and here. Their press conference, held yesterday, also saw two important privacy developments for the online advertising industry: 1. The White House publicly endorsed the DAA program In no uncertain terms …

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Mar 16 2011

The State of Online Consumer Privacy

Fran Maier President TRUSTe While I couldn’t be in Washington, D.C. today for the Senate Commerce’s Committee’s hearing on “The State of Online Consumer Privacy” (copies of hearing testimony here) I’ve been able to check in with a wide range of attendees and get perhaps more of a bird’s eye view. Key themes: – It’s …

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Dec 16 2010

Department of Commerce Privacy Report: Dynamic and Innovative

By Fran Maier President TRUSTe Privacy has dominated this month, or I should say, this year. In just the last few weeks we’ve seen then new FTC privacy report, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg named Time’s Person of the Year (in part because of how he and Facebook responded to privacy challenges earlier in the year), …

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Dec 02 2010

Thoughts on FTC Privacy Report


By Fran Maier President TRUSTe TRUSTe welcomes yesterday’s FTC Privacy Report, on “Protecting Consumer Privacy in an Era of Rapid Change.” Generally, we think that the Report is a positive inquiry that balances the need to protect consumer privacy while continuing to foster innovation in today’s online technology-driven markets. The Report reflects a thoughtful understanding …

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Nov 12 2010

Privacy’s Zeitgeist Moment in the US?


By Fran Maier President TRUSTe   Destination360 White House In the last year industry has been on notice that privacy legislation is coming. The recent elections have not significantly diminished the “threat” of legislation since privacy has become a bipartisan issue thanks to vocal media, advocates and consumers who have made the case for greater …

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