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Nov 19 2012

The TRUSTe Digest – 11/19/2012


It’s been a busy couple of weeks for us and we’ve had a number of exciting announcements during that time so we wanted to recap some of the most important ones in this post in case you missed them! Concern in the US and an impasse in the EU over new data protection regulation The …

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Jan 30 2012

Google: Competing on Privacy


Saira Nayak Director of Policy | TRUSTe @sairanayak Last week, Google announced that they are consolidating over 60 different privacy policies for various products and services into a single policy that will inform users about how personal data is collected and used across Google’s entire platform. Their new policy goes into effect March 1, 2012.  …

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Jul 29 2009

Does Opt-In Make Sense?

At OMMA Behavioral this coming Friday, we’ve been asked by Wendy Davis of MediaPost to answer the question “Does Opt-In Make Sense?” In what situations do consumers expect an opt-in in their internet experience? Yes, opt-in makes sense in the context of sensitive data or for linking personal data to a profile – online or …

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Apr 16 2009

A Hot Match! TRUSTe Acquires Haute Secure

I’m really pleased to welcome Iain Mulholland today as our new CTO along with his team from Haute Secure, Frank Swiderski and Rob Vucic. TRUSTe has been seeking a top-notch technology team to expand our capabilities in privacy certification and monitoring. HauteSecure brings a ready-made innovative scanning and malware detection tool that will help us …

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Feb 26 2009

A First: Facebook Opens Terms of Service for User Comment

TRUSTe has its fair share of Facebook addicts, including our CEO Fran Maier, who are probably more familiar with the privacy policy and the user controls available than the average person. We are constantly seeing unprecedented firsts when it comes to user privacy controls and today definitely heralded a first. It is certainly the first …

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Jan 28 2009

Every Day Should Be Data Privacy Day

“The more of our lives that we put online, the less privacy we have,” says Erick Schonfeld in his TechCrunch blog, posted today. In an increasingly networked world, where social networking, behavioral targeting, and information sharing online have all become commonplace, consumer privacy has come under siege. With the online world changing rapidly, consumers are …

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Nov 19 2008

The Future of Privacy Forum – TRUST in the digital world has never been more important to our economy and government

Consumers and citizens want to trust businesses and government with the use of their information. But with rampant data breaches and sloppy or overaggressive use of data, individuals also want to know that steps are being taken to protect them and to earn their trust. The Future of Privacy Forum is an important new venue …

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Jul 15 2008

Strategic Investment from Accel Partners will Fuel Privacy Assurance and Innovation

In response to increasing threats to consumer privacy, TRUSTe, the recognized authority on privacy best practices on the Internet today, announced the completion of its first round of financing from Accel Partners, a leading Silicon Valley venture firm. The investment will enable TRUSTe to create state of the art monitoring systems to stay ahead of …

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