Tweet Chat on Internet of Things (IoT) & Big Data Privacy

Tweet Chat on online privacy of digital assets, big data and IoT devices from TRUSTe.

Are you wondering how the Internet of Things (IoT) and big data will impact you and your privacy?

Information about your physical activity, daily habits and physical location are some of the most personal and sensitive details about you, yet most of us are unaware of all the places our data may go on a given day.

Join privacy experts Ray Everett of TRUSTe, Justin Brookman of The Center for Democracy & Technology, Lookout and Data Privacy Day for a Tweet Chat (#ChatDPD) on June 11th at 12pm PT/3pm ET to discover new information and steps you can take to manage your online privacy in a digitally connected world.

All the Places Your Data Can Go
Wednesday, June 11th at 12pm PT/3pm ET
Moderator: @DataPrivacyDay
Panelists: @Truste @JustinBrookman @Lookout

Use the hashtag #ChatDPD to join!

Updated 7/7/14: If you missed the chat, read the transcript at http://bit.ly/1ucjqOj


Is Your Company Investing in Data Privacy Management?

As businesses continue to invest in data, there is an increased need to effectively manage the privacy of that data on an ongoing basis. In an attempt to avoid violations associated with consumer privacy rights and the media attention that comes with it, companies must proactively invest in protecting consumer data that is regularly collected, used and stored across various online channels. Data privacy management is complex and it can be difficult to secure internal buy-in for investment. The justification needed in terms of strategy, ROI and best practices are critical components in proving the value of the additional investment.

On May 14th, TRUSTe and Forrester Research partnered to host the first of a special three-part webinar series titled “Making the Most of Your Data Privacy Management Investment.” Part I: the New Privacy, It’s All About Context, featured presenters Chris Babel, CEO, TRUSTe and by Fatemeh Khatibloo, Sr. Analysis at Forrester. This useful session touched on the following key points:

  • Explained how privacy pays off in the competitive landscape, the ever-important data value exchange between customers and businesses; and how transparency, notice and choice are the building blocks in creating trust for brands.
  • Provided details on how the right data privacy practices along with a contextual privacy approach can help drive new business opportunities and allow companies to differentiate from competitors and avoid unnecessary brand and compliance risk.

Register today for the remaining sessions of this informative webinar series:

  • July 24thPart III:  Privacy Investment Success Stories, featuring Chris Babel, CEO TRUSTe and partners. Attendees will hear from leading brands on how they manage privacy at their companies and learn best practices and tips on staffing, organizational models, tools, metrics, and much more.


June Monthly Spotlight

- June 10

MEF 3rd Annual Consumer Trust Summit

Washington, D.C.

Rich Qiu, Vice President of Business Development, Mobile at TRUSTe will speak at the third annual MEF Consumer Trust Summit where lawmakers and industry meet to find the right balance between monetization and consumer protection.

- June 12

Forrester & TRUSTe Webinar Series: Part II: Total Economic Impact

Join TRUSTe for a special three-part webinar series with special guests from Forrester Research, Inc. and learn about the latest independent research, case studies and opinions from leading privacy experts.

The second webinar in the series will focus on cost-savings and quantifiable business benefits with the implementation of an effective privacy strategy. Forrester will walk through the new whitepaper, “The Total Economic Impact™ of TRUSTe: Cost Savings And Business Benefits Enabled By TRUSTe’s Data Privacy Management Platform”,  which will show proven ROI based on real-life customer examples.

By attending this webinar you will learn:

  • The challenges organizations face to get internal buy-in for privacy investment
  • How the Forrester Total Economic Impact (TEI) framework helps measure ROI to enable informed decision making
  • The benefits, costs and risks associated with implementing a privacy management solution
  • How TRUSTe solutions have helped numerous leading brands show positive ROI for over 15+ years

 Speakers include TRUSTe Vice President of Marketing Dave Deasy and Forrester Senior Consultant Norman Forbush.  Register online today!

- June 18

Mobile App Design Awards


 TRUSTe is partnering with the UK Mobile & App Design Awards to see privacy added as a entry criteria for the first time in this global Grand Slam Series where Apps from UK, USA, Asia and Australia compete. Awards covering over 30 categories provide recognition across the App design spectrum and are a unique opportunity to see the best start-ups, digital agencies and enterprise teams compete in local markets. The Awards are run by design100, the leading global forum for applied design, accelerating the transformation to a design-led marketplace.

 The UK Mobile & App Design Award Winners will be announced at a ceremony in London on June 18 as part of the first ever London Technology Week.

- June 19

Kids Privacy Breakfast Workshop


Understanding the sensitivities, legal framework and best practice solutions for protecting children’s privacy online. The post-Millennial generation of consumers is growing up to be the most technologically savvy and privacy conscious yet. Whether this is your core market or just a part of your wider audience you need to be seen as trustworthy recipients of kids’ data.

Joanne Furtsch, Director of Product Policy, TRUSTe will be joined by Susan Boynton, Principal Counsel EMEA, Disney and Sue Gold, Partner, Osborne Clarke for a panel discussion on how companies use privacy as a differentiator and privacy best practice solutions for collecting, using and sharing data about Generation Z consumers.

By attending this workshop you will:

  • Learn about current global regulatory requirements for collecting, using and sharing Children’s data including recent changes to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) in the US
  • Receive a copy of the latest research into the levels of tracking and third party data sharing on top children’s websites
  • Understand the latest privacy technology solutions available through TRUSTe’s Data Privacy Management Platform
  • Gain insight into current industry trends and potential implications of the proposed EU Data Protection Regulation
  • Network with European privacy colleagues and hear best practice case studies

Email Eleanor Treharne-Jones (eleanor@truste.com) to request your seat today!

- June 26

Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) Summit

San Francisco

 Rich Qiu, Vice President of Business Development, Mobile at TRUSTe will speak at the annual DAA Summit. The event is a unique opportunity for DAA program participants for sustained engagement on the opportunities – and challenges – for industry self-regulation of relevant online advertising. This year’s theme is “Protecting Innovation and Consumer Value Through Transparency and Control”:

  •  Implementing effective consumer transparency and control in the multi-screen environment
  • Building understanding of the economic value of relevant advertising to the ad-support Interne
  • Self-regulation as a key foundation of continued innovation in the digital economy



Internet of Things Industry Brings Data Explosion, but Growth Could be Impacted by Consumer Privacy Concerns

New research for TRUSTe released today, shows that consumer privacy concerns (#iotprivacy), could hinder the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) market.

The research findings in the U.S. and Great Britain reveal that 59% of U.S. internet users and 47% of British internet users know that smart devices, such as smart TVs, fitness devices and in-car navigation systems can collect data about their personal activities.

A Gartner study recently predicted that there will be 26 billion connected devices by the year 2020, but our latest research shows consumers want  more information and controls before purchasing or using a smart device.  When asked, 85% of U.S. internet users compared with 83% of British users would want to understand more about data being collected before using smart devices. Additionally, 88% of U.S. internet users and 87% of British internet users would want to control the data being collected through smart devices.

83% of U.S. internet users and 84% of British internet users were concerned about the idea of information collected through smart devices and 87% of U.S. internet users compared with 84% of British internet users are concerned about the type of information collected by smart devices.

 Despite the promise of the Internet of Things to offer consumers, and society in general, huge benefits including connecting cars, appliances and mobile devices to deliver convenience and personalized services, they are still concerned about their privacy risks. Only 22% of U.S. internet users and 18% of British internet users felt that the benefits of smart devices outweighed any privacy concerns. Privacy concerns could be a barrier to growth, impacting business opportunities that stem from the IoT landscape such as delivering personalized, value-added services.

 It’s clear that the IoT is changing the privacy landscape and relationship that consumers have with technology and their data. As a leader in privacy, TRUSTe is bringing together experts from across the industry to discuss this next generation of privacy solutions.

Join us at the Internet of Things Privacy Summit on July 10th (#iotprivacy) in the heart of Silicon Valley where privacy experts, policy makers and innovators will come together to align privacy considerations for consumers with the continued technology services innovation in the interconnected world.


Announcing the 2013 TRUSTe Transparency Report

Today, we’re releasing the 2013 TRUSTe Transparency Report which describes how the TRUSTe data privacy management platform helped companies power trust, drive engagement and ensure privacy compliance in 2013. The report provides an overview of technology developments in the past year, as well as an in-depth summary and analysis of the thousands of consumer privacy disputes we processed on behalf of our clients.

2013 was a pivotal year for privacy.  Media headlines on US government surveillance forced privacy onto center stage, for both consumers and businesses alike.  Interestingly, consumers remain more concerned about commercial, not government surveillance.  And not surprisingly, companies are getting serious about their global privacy and data protection compliance programs.

In this report, we talk about how TRUSTe’s people, programs and technology, helped companies address their privacy compliance challenges in 2013.   We discuss our continued focus on leading-edge technology solutions, including the advanced development of monitoring services and compliance controls such as Website Monitoring Service, TRUSTed Ads Online Behavioral Advertising (OBA) Preference Management Controls and TRUSTed Consent Manager.  These technologies give clients a comprehensive view of first and third party activity on their online properties.

We also helped clients keep track of the many regulatory changes in the data privacy landscape in 2013: FTC revisions to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) rules, new online privacy requirements in California, continued discussion around proposed changes to the EU-US and EU-Swiss Safe Harbor Agreements, as well as a revised European data protection law.  We also remained engaged in the ongoing development of global privacy frameworks – most notably as an Accountability Agent with the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Cross Border Privacy Rules (CBPR) System.

Key highlights from the report include:

  • TRUSTe certified 7,610 online properties representing approximately 5,000 clients.
  • Our Consumer Dispute Resolution Service processed 8,729 consumer complaints. 
  • And, our Website Monitoring Solution completed over 172,000 web site scans identifying and scoring privacy risk for over 19,000 third party trackers.

To learn more, we encourage you to read through the 2013 TRUSTe Transparency Report.


Mobile Data Tracking and the Importance of Privacy

Chris Babel, CEO

The following post originally appeared in AdBrain’s Multi-Screen Guide on 5/20/14.

Growth of the perpetually connected consumer continues with more than 1 billion smartphones in use globally by 2014 according to IDC. More than just a large user base, nearly 40% of the $85 billion global online retailing market is carried out over mobile devices.

This creates new opportunities within the advertising ecosystem and its essential that marketers understand how to target consumers more effectively on mobile to heighten brand awareness and build loyalty across all channels. The challenge is that targeting consumers on mobile is a sensitive issue as it feels more personal – your mobile is a device that is always on and always with you. It’s personal, just like privacy.

Consumer Behavior

Research into consumer behavior reveals the importance of educating consumers on how to actively manage their privacy. According to Choicestream, 60% of consumers felt retargeted advertising was “annoying”. Recent research by Harris Interactive, on behalf of TRUSTe, found that nearly 80% of consumers want control of their privacy and 70% are aware of ad tracking on mobile devices. However, they will not sacrifice their privacy – 78% will not download an app they don’t trust. Read the rest of this entry »


Mobile App Privacy Takes Center Stage at 2014 UK Mobile & App Design Awards

2014 UK Mobile & App Design Awards - TRUSTe


Today TRUSTe announced a groundbreaking partnership with the 2014 UK Mobile & App Design Awards, part of a global Grand Slam series including participants from UK, U.S., Asia and Australia, which recognizes innovation and design within the mobile app ecosystem.  For the first time ever, privacy will serve as an entry requirement for all award submissions.

Mark Bergin, Chair of the UK Mobile & App Design Awards commented:

“TRUSTe represents the values of trust and privacy across the online community. Without an underlying trust framework we would be unable to celebrate the courage of clients to commission projects, the creative that delivers the outcomes and the customers that take the opportunity to explore new tools. We look forward to working with TRUSTe to expand the use of best practice and champion the cause of privacy.”

In today’s market, developers race to bring innovative applications to market to draw in consumers, build engagement with diverse audiences and drive new streams of revenue for business using the vast amount of data available from mobile users.  Traditionally, their core expertise and function has been to conceptualize and design new user interfaces and optimize apps to run on any device across different platforms.  However, app developers have to balance this pressure with growing consumer privacy concerns (76% of smartphone users will not download an app they don’t trust) and increased regulator scrutiny.

Rich Qiu, Vice President Mobile & Business Development at TRUSTe said:

“App designers are on the privacy front line balancing the need to bring innovative applications to market with meeting global compliance requirements and addressing growing consumer concerns about downloading and sharing personal information with apps. This groundbreaking new partnership with the App Design Awards pushes privacy up the agenda for designers and rewards those who are already ahead of the pack.”

This news coincides with  the Global Privacy Enforcement Network’s second international sweep this week which is reviewing how mobile apps deal with the collection and use of personal data and protect consumer privacy.  (GPEN members include 27 privacy and enforcement authorities including the U.S. FTC and the UK ICO). This move sends a clear signal to both companies and developers – privacy cannot be an afterthought – and it must be an integral part of the development process.

 As a complex, evolving concept, privacy is vital to the success of apps in today’s competitive market with the explosive growth in Europe targeted to reach $86 billion according to a recent report. Developers must address consumer privacy concerns and protect personal information in line with regulatory requirements and compliance laws, but also understand how the privacy landscape varies by geography.

This partnership supports recent initiatives from regulators to work with app developers to understand and implement mobile privacy best practice. In the EU in February 2013, the Article 29 Working Party adopted its Opinion on Apps on Smart Devices and last December the UK ICO published Guidelines for Mobile App Developers. In the U.S., the Digital Advertising Alliance spearheads a self-regulatory program to protect consumer data in online advertising and has issued specific Online Behavioral Advertising guidelines for the mobile environment and in California, home to Silicon Valley – the center of technology innovation, the Attorney General office has issued in-depth privacy recommendations for the entire mobile ecosystem.

Joanne McNabb, Director of Privacy Education and Policy at the California Attorney General’s Office welcomed the partnership saying:

“With the addition of privacy as a factor, the Mobile & App Design Awards can serve as a catalyst that speeds up the process of building privacy into the design of mobile apps. I look forward to seeing some exciting privacy innovations.”

Entries to the 2014 UK Mobile & App Design Awards close on 28 May 2014. The winners will be announced in an Awards Ceremony on 18 June 2014 as part of the first London Technology Week. Privacy will also be a requirement for all entries in the 2014 US Mobile & App Design Awards taking place later this year.


May Monthly Spotlight

TRUSTe to participate in EDPD,PPT14 & INTERACT 2014

- May 13
European Data Protection Days 2014

For businesses contemplating a global data protection strategy, the recent announcement of an EU-APEC Referential is significant.  The Referential lays out a path for companies wanting to achieve “double certification” under the EU Binding Corporate Rules and APEC Cross Border Privacy Rules –  to cover transfers between the 21 APEC Member Economies, and countries in the EU and European Economic Area.

Join Saira Nayak, Director of Policy at TRUSTe and Rob Grosvenor, Director at Promontory for a practical session on next steps for business. Key questions include:

  • Are there similarities between the APEC and EU systems?
  • What should a company expect if it wants to achieve “double certification” under the APEC and EU systems?  Does compliance with the APEC’s CBPR standard be counted towards compliance with current EU data protection requirements e.g. under a BCR?
  • Is global interoperability of data privacy frameworks truly achievable?  How does the Referential further this goal?

- May 14
Forrester & TRUSTe Present: Making the Most of your Data Privacy Management  (DPM) Investment – Part I: The New Privacy: It’s All About Context

Join TRUSTe for a special three-part webinar series where these very topics will be discussed with Forrester Research, Inc. and include the latest independent research, case studies and opinions from leading privacy experts.

The first webinar in the series will focus on the strategy component of data privacy management investment, featuring Forrester Research Senior Analyst Fatemeh Khatibloo. TRUSTe CEO Chris Babel will explain while the need to foster innovation is highly encouraged, it has been proven that by incorporating privacy-by-design into a company’s business practices, the risks associated with data use is significantly reduced. Register online today!

- May 20
PPT14: The Privacy, Policy & Technology Summit: Managing Vendors & 3rd Party Relationships – Macy’s & Acxiom
New York

Data ecosystems are becoming more expansive, complex and diverse for nearly all businesses. Regulators and advocates are scrutinizing data collection and sharing, as well as data use. Governance and assurance of people, process and technologies comprising these ecosystems is a critical competency for managing data exposure and brand risks. Done well, a strategic approach to managing data shares and 3rd parties will not only decrease risks, but will increase data quality and value.

Ray Everett, Director of Product, Compliance Solutions will be joined by Michael McCullough, VP of Enterprise Information Management & Privacy, Macy’s Inc. and Sheila Colclasure, Global Public Policy and Privacy Officer, Axiom for a panel discussion on key activities in developing an appropriate Data Sharing/Vendor Management capability, including:

  • Why does this matter?
  • What you need to start?
  • Getting agreements right
  • Designing and implementing a program

- May 20-21
Interact 2014

TRUSTe will attend this conference which explores the emerging trends and innovation within digital business throughout the European landscape and how it complements and drives global trends.

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