A CPO at the NSA

Saira Nayak, Director of Policy

Rebecca Richards hired as Chief Privacy Officer at NSA.
Photo Credit: Patrick Semansky/Associated Press

As the summer of Snowden extends far into winter, news comes that the National Security Agency (“NSA”) has hired Rebecca Richards as its first Chief Privacy Officer.  Ms. Richards, who is currently deputy chief privacy officer at the Department of Homeland Security, will fill this position which was first advertised last September, after the Obama Administration announced the need for reforms – in the NSA’s programs. The White House recognized a clear need to assure the public that “strong oversight and clear protections against abuse” were inherent in its data collection programs, specifically those run by the NSA. Read the rest of this entry »


EU Data Protection Regulation, Future of US-EU Safe Harbor and Other Topics Covered at CPDP2014

Jim Rennie

The 2014 Computers, Privacy & Data Protection (CPDP) Conference at Brussels.

This year’s Computers, Privacy & Data Protection (CPDP) Conference ran from January 22-24 in Brussels.  For gaining insight into how Europeans view privacy, and the future of privacy in the EU, it is an indispensable experience.  While last year’s conference concentrated heavily on the (then new) draft EU Data Protection Regulation, this year’s conference covered a wider variety of topics.  Even so, a few key topics were addressed repeatedly: Read the rest of this entry »


Consumer Privacy Concerns Show Trust is Vital to Business Success

New research from TRUSTe revealed in conjunction with Data Privacy Day 2014 (#DPD14) shows ongoing concerns about privacy and impact on businesses.

2014 Consumer Privacy Index – UK findings from TRUSTe.

GB Findings

2014 Consumer Privacy Index – US findings from TRUSTe.

US Findings

The research findings in the U.S. and Great Britain both uncover that online privacy concerns remain extremely high with 92% of U.S. internet users and 89% of British users worrying about their privacy online.

Online shopping and banking along with using social networks top the list of both U.S. and British online privacy concerns: 93% of U.S. and 88% of British internet users worry about their privacy when shopping online; 90% of U.S. and 86% of British internet users worry when banking online; and 90% of U.S. and 86% of British internet users worry about their privacy when using social networks.

Despite the constant media coverage of U.S. government surveillance programs, such as the National Security Agency’s PRISM, only 38% of U.S. internet users and 20% of British internet users cite this as a reason for their increased concern. The top two responses were concern about businesses sharing personal information with other companies and concern about companies tracking online behavior to provide targeted ads and content.

The rise of consumer mistrust coupled with the potential negative impact on business reveals now more than ever, building consumer confidence and trust is of the upmost importance. Consumer trust continues to fall with only 55% of internet users in the U.S. and 55% of those in Great Britain trusting companies with their personal information. 89% of internet users in the U.S. and Great Britain said they avoid doing business with companies where they have privacy concerns.

70% of U.S. internet users said they felt more confident that they knew how to manage their privacy than one year ago, compared to 66% of British users, but this can cause consumers to take actions that negatively impact businesses. Increased privacy concerns, mean consumers are less likely to click on online advertisements, avoid using apps they don’t believe protect their privacy, and are less likely to enable location tracking on smartphones. However, there are steps that businesses can take as 3 out of 4 consumers are more likely to look for privacy certifications and seals to address their privacy concerns.

For more details from the research and how to address these consumer concerns see the full reports for the US and Great Britain.


Shell Builds Trust with Global Customers, Powered by TRUSTe

We’re excited to announce that Shell went live with TRUSTed Consent Manager across all their global properties last week, choosing TRUSTe to help them build trust with customers and stay compliant with global privacy regulations.

Shell goes live with TRUSTed Consent Manager enabling companies to obtain informed consent before accessing and storing data on a consumer’s computer or other device.

TRUSTed Consent Manager addresses compliance requirements mandated by the EU Cookie Directive.  This Directive requires companies to obtain informed consent before accessing and storing data on a consumer’s computer or other device. Privacy concerns in today’s digital world continue to rise. 8 out of 10 internet consumers in the UK expect companies to comply with the EU Cookie Directive and 5 out of 10 would only visit sites that do comply.

TRUSTed Consent Manager provides brand protection and ensures transparency, making it simple for companies to give notice and offer users an easy way to opt out of the tracking on their site.

Congratulations, Shell!


TRUSTe Gears up for Data Privacy Day

January 28th is Data Privacy Day and TRUSTe is helping to raise awareness with four key events that you should check out.

January 28: Powering Trust Speaker Series – London
TRUSTe hosts the first event in the Powering Trust Speaker Series on Data Privacy Day at The Hospital Club in London. Join us to learn how organizations, policy makers and regulators can find balance between prosperity and privacy in 2014. New research into the levels and causes of consumer online privacy concern both sides of the Atlantic will be followed by a thought provoking discussion led by, European privacy expert, Eduardo Ustaran. He will be joined by a lively panel to discuss the challenges and policy suggestions highlighted in his new book ‘The Future of Privacy’.

January 28: IAPP Privacy After Hours – London
The Powering Trust Speaker Series event will be followed by the IAPP (International Association of Privacy Professionals) Privacy After Hours. Join us for drinks from 6:00pm at The Loft Lounge in The Hospital Club onwards. RSVP today to connect and collaborate with industry experts: pah@privacyaccociation.org.

January 30: 2014 Data Privacy Day Town Hall & Breach Readiness Workshop – San Francisco
Join TRUSTe’s VP of Product, Kevin Trilli at the Online Trust Alliance’s 2014 Data Privacy Day Town Hall in San Francisco. Learn and network with leaders in data privacy, security and breach readiness and response and help make data privacy and protection part of your brand value while getting an update on the evolving regulatory landscape.

January 30: Churchill Club Presents: Data Privacy Trends 2014 - San Francisco
Also in San Francisco, the Churchill Club presents: Data Privacy Trends 2014.  TRUSTe’s CEO, Chris Babel, joins a group of speakers to discuss trends for the year.

Stay tuned for TRUSTe 2014 Consumer Data Privacy Study which will be revealed on Data Privacy Day, January 28th.  TRUSTe will reveal the latest consumer attitudes and concerns both sides of Atlantic, drivers for concern and the impact on business.


Make Data Privacy & Security Your New Year’s Resolution

Heather M. Federman
Director of Public Policy, Online Trust Alliance

Make data privacy & security your 2014 resolution 

Join TRUSTe at the OTA’s Data Privacy Day Town Halls in NYC, Seattle and San Francisco & Save 20%

It’s no longer an “if” your company will become the target of a data breach; it’s just a matter of “when.”  From small nonprofits to Fortune 500 tech-savvy organizations, breaches and data loss incidents are becoming an unfortunate rite of passage. More and more businesses have found themselves exposed and ill prepared to manage the fallout.  In addition to the confusing (and conflicting) regulatory landscape, breaches can be quite expensive, with the average cost equaling $5.5 million. And while innovative defenses against privacy and security threats are introduced with each passing year, cybercriminals outpace those innovations with new and more malicious tactics.

As online trust is on the decline, 2014 needs to be the year of “Data & Privacy Stewardship.” This requires moving from minimal compliance to enhancing the protection of your company, your data and your customers. In order to do so, consider the following New Year “data resolutions”: Read the rest of this entry »


TRUSTe Starts the Year off Right with Data Privacy Week, CPDP, OTA and more

TRUSTe starts 2014 with events on Data privacy day, IAPP privacy, data privacy trends in 2014

– Jan 17
The New Frontiers of Privacy Harm
Boulder, CO
TRUSTe is speaking

Join Fran Maier, Founder and Chair of Board, TRUSTe, at the Silicon Flatirons Center for Law, Technology, and Entrepreneurship on Friday, January 17, 2014, for a panel on Commercial Tracking. Thought leaders and top practitioners and regulators venture into the New Frontiers of Privacy Harm to answers questions including: What harms are privacy laws designed to prevent? How are people injured when corporations, governments, or other individuals collect, disclose, or use information about them in ways that defy expectations, prior agreements, formal rules, or settled norms? How has technology changed the nature of privacy harm?

Read the rest of this entry »


WeChat Demonstrates Commitment to Consumer Privacy with TRUSTe Certification

Eleanor Treharne-Jones, Global Communications Director | TRUSTe

Earlier today, TRUSTe announced that WeChat, the leading mobile social communication application for smartphones, and its website (www.wechat.com), are now certified by TRUSTe. The global certification covers WeChat in seventeen different languages, five different mobile operating systems (Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Symbian and Windows Phone) and is part of WeChat’s ongoing commitment to online privacy, transparency and consumer choice.

Over the last year, WeChat has seen phenomenal market growth almost tripling its users from 2012 to 2013. In July 2013 it became the most downloaded mobile communication app from official stores in Argentina, Brazil, Italy, Mexico, Philippines, Singapore, Spain, South Africa, Thailand and Turkey. WeChat is now the 5th most downloaded app in the world with more than 100 million registered accounts outside of China.

WeChat users can add friends via a wide range of innovative actions and methods, including scanning QR codes, connecting users’ phone books and activating location-based functions such as “People Nearby” and “Shake”. The platform enhances social interaction by supporting exchanging of text, voice and video, stickers, and photos with their friends over data networks or under Wi-Fi environments. Users can choose to communicate one-on-one, or within their closed social network through “Moments”.

However, the TRUSTe Privacy Index 2013 revealed 78% of US smartphone users will not download an app that they do not trust and so addressing consumer privacy concerns is key to global expansion for companies such as WeChat. “Consumers are becoming increasingly savvy and concerned about what personal information companies are collecting about them and how it is being used,” said Chris Babel, CEO of TRUSTe. “Strong data privacy management practices are essential for any business looking to take advantage of new opportunities on mobile while building trust and protecting their brand.”

“By achieving TRUSTe certification, WeChat is demonstrating to millions of global users a clear commitment to privacy and transparency about how data is collected and used within the app. TRUSTe is the number one global privacy brand so displaying the Certified Privacy Seal within WeChat and its website can help to increase trust and support WeChat’s growth in wider international markets.”

“This is a true milestone for WeChat,” said Poshu Yeung, Vice President of the International Business Group at Tencent, the company behind the WeChat app. “WeChat has more than 100 million registered user accounts around the globe and is revolutionizing the way people communicate in their daily lives by providing a completely unique experience. Now with TRUSTe certification, WeChat users can have peace-of-mind knowing their data is well protected when they are keeping in touch with friends, meeting new people and having fun with WeChat.”

For more information on TRUSTe certification for your mobile apps see TRUSTed Apps.

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