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Jun 22 2009

Building Confidence in Today’s Online Advertising

TRUSTe’s Approach to Behavioral Advertising Last week’s Commerce Committee hearings on Behavioral Advertising underscored consumer discomfort, the efforts that companies and groups are implementing to improve consumer confidence, and the gap that legislators are trying to close. As TRUSTe sealholders know, they have long been required to provide users with details of how cookies and …

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Apr 14 2009

Why TRUSTe+HauteSecure is Great News for Web Site Owners and Bad News for Cyber Criminals

-Sandi Hardmeier, TRUSTe Online Compliance Researcher Back when I first started helping the victims of unwanted adware and spyware around the Year 2000, I focused all of my attention on cleaning computers after they had been infected. Then, as fighting adware and spyware became a cause célèbre, as more and more very skilled people joined …

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Aug 14 2008

Vomba’s AdVantage Software Suspended from TDP

First thing Monday morning, it was brought to our attention by a former Head of Privacy at Microsoft, and former TRUSTe Board Member, Richard Purcell, that the AdVantage software application, was serving malicious advertising. By Tuesday morning, Sandi Hardmeier, TRUSTe’s Online Compliance Researcher, was able to confirm and reproduce the malicious ads and by Tuesday …

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