Privacy Issues Connected to Cars

May 16, 2017

Image from Connected cars can connect to devices, other cars, or networks that are inside or outside of the car. For example, connected cars can use a driver or passenger mobile device to conduct hands free phone calls. Other examples include: navigation apps, music streaming, or wifi hotspots. Some apps can even use connected cars’ cameras to find open parking spots for drivers. As infotainment centers and features in cars become more advanced, they collect more personal information. While the examples above show how driving experiences can be enhanced for drivers and passengers, companies can also reap benefits from … Continue reading Privacy Issues Connected to Cars

If You Own a Car, Read This Privacy Guide

January 27, 2017

Yesterday at the DC Auto Show The Future of Privacy Forum (FPF) and the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) released a guide to help consumers understand how new cars might be collecting personal information. This guide, Personal Data In Your Car, gives examples of the types of data that most cars collect now. Older technology, such as Event Data Recorders (EDRs) have been installed in cars since the 90’s. EDRs record technical information about a car before and after a crash. Many new cars contain features such as navigation, blind spot detection, parking assist, and infotainment centers. User recognition technology may even scan a … Continue reading If You Own a Car, Read This Privacy Guide

European Commission Comments on Connected Cars and Privacy

January 04, 2017

In exchange for technology advances that make our day-to-day lives easier and safer, we are providing more and more personal information. Connected cars are an example of advances in technology that make our lives easier and safer. Today, cars use networks of internal computers that can use hundreds of sensors to collect information about our driving habits or physical vehicle information. The European Commission is keeping up with these changes and suggesting ways to ensure that personal data that we provide for the conveniences and improved safety that come along with technology advances are kept safe. It has established the … Continue reading European Commission Comments on Connected Cars and Privacy

Connected Cars and Privacy: The Automobile Industry’s Push for Self-Regulation

June 11, 2015

Leading up to the second annual IoT Privacy Summit on June 17th we’ll be featuring a series of blog posts about the panels and speakers at the upcoming event. At the upcoming IoT Privacy Summit 2015 on June 17th, one of the many panels will focus on privacy self-regulation in the automotive industry – a topic that’s received a lot of press ever since the connected car concept was introduced. The panel titled, “How the Automobile Industry Took the Lead in Industry Self–Regulation” at 10:45 a.m. will cover the rapid evolution of privacy best practices in the automotive industry, and … Continue reading Connected Cars and Privacy: The Automobile Industry’s Push for Self-Regulation