TRUSTe’s Data Privacy Management (DPM) Platform represents a significant technological advancement in data privacy management. The platform enables users to take full control of a complete set of solutions needed to manage the challenges they face.

The platform builds upon TRUSTe’s 15+ years of privacy experience and unique combination of technology, methodology and expertise to offer the first comprehensive end-to-end data privacy management solution.

The Software-as-a-Solution (SaaS) approach to Data Privacy Management not only facilitates greater, secure access to the comprehensive set of DPM Platform solutions, it enables quicker onboarding and scale for its users. No software download or hardware installation is required, and with modular-based pricing you only pay for the solutions you need.


The DPM Platform puts you in control of all three phases essential for effective data privacy management. The phases are the foundation of TRUSTe’s proven methodology for addressing privacy risk.

The platform guides you through the entire assessment process, starting with a data audit and then leading to a compliance review. Once gaps are identified, risks should be addressed for the assessment to be complete. Compliance controls should then put into place to reduce future risk, and ongoing monitoring scheduled to verify continued compliance.

Platform Modules

  • Assessment Manager – manage the end-to-end assessment process.
    • Data & Process Auditing – systematically discover how data is collected and handled throughout your organization.
    • Compliance Review – conduct a comprehensive online review of enterprise data privacy management practices against applicable policies and regulations.
    • Gap Analysis – quickly see where and why your practices do not align with regulations and policies, and the path of remediation.
    • Program Management – organize, execute and report on your entire privacy portfolio with unprecedented ease and accuracy.
  • Ads Compliance – enable flexible, user-defined choice in online behavioral advertising.
  • Consent Manager – implement a notice consent choice mechanism for the EU Cookie Directive.
  • Website Monitoring – schedule regular scans of your website to help you monitor ongoing privacy risk.
  • Dispute Resolution – provision a third-party dispute resolution service to extend your customer care.

DPM Platform

Platform Tools

  • Enterprise Privacy Dashboard – See a single-screen view of your entire privacy management program. Stay on top of ongoing initiatives, access reports, get alerts and updates – and then drill down for more detail.
  • Comprehensive Privacy Controls database – Regulations and controls library powers the platform allowing it to identify potential issues and provide clear recommendations to address them.
  • Integrated Technology Suite – Assessment, monitoring and controls technologies work together, sharing information that takes you from risk discovery to resolution much quicker than is possible with disjointed solutions.
  • Streamlined Workflow Management – Save time and minimize the steps needed to complete a project. Your work is saved and reapplied to future projects to further reduce repetitive tasks.

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Standalone Options

Several DPM modules available from the Platform can also be delivered individually through TRUSTe’s DPM Services team. Learn more about each offering and let us know what delivery model works best for you.

Ads Compliance

Consent Manager

Website Monitoring

Dispute Resolution


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