TRUSTed Smart Grid

The TRUSTed Smart Grid Seal Program is designed for companies that use consumer energy information. It ensures consumers that they employ best practices consistent with the Future of Privacy Forum’s Smart Grid Privacy Guidelines for Consumer Energy Data and the TRUSTe's Program Requirements for protection of Consumer Energy Usage Data (CEUD).

The seal program provides additional oversight and assurance for secondary uses of energy data that is
1) collected directly from consumers or
2) provided by utilities or smart meters to third parties with consumer permission.

Program participants who have been certified under the TRUSTed Smart Grid Program Requirements are licensed to display the Smart Grid Seal in conjunction with their smart device/service.

File a Report with TRUSTe

You may report violations of a participant’s posted privacy statement and specific privacy issues with a participant’s smart device/service. TRUSTe investigates all eligible complaints and mediates solutions.

Before you submit a complaint to TRUSTe, you should attempt to contact the site you are reporting directly to allow them to resolve your concern.

Complaints must be sent to and include the following information:

  • Your name
  • Name of service provider
  • Website address or application name
  • Description of your issue
  • Description of requested resolution
  • Date that you reported your concern to the provider
  • The provider’s response to your complaint