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Major increase in software downloads

888 Holdings Public Limited Company (888) is one of the world’s most popular online gaming entertainment and solutions providers. Based in Gibraltar, 888 has been at the forefront of the online gaming industry for over a decade, enabling both players and B2B partners to enjoy a world-class gaming experience.

888 is more than just a place where people go to play online. 888’s many consumerfacing websites provide exciting entertainment destinations where players can combine an unparalleled gaming offering with a more complete internet experience, including social networking and personalized activities. As a world-class global gaming website, all offerings are localized for players in different geographies through the provision of games that appeal to users in all the various languages that they speak.

888 currently offers all four cornerstones of online gaming – casino, poker, bingo, and sporting events – through a number of popular and distinctive brands. The umbrella website 888.com acts as a central portal through which all forms of gaming can be accessed, including 888poker, 888casino, 888bingo, and 888sport. Users can download a wide variety of popular casino games from 888.com and play online casino favorites such as roulette, blackjack, poker, or slots. Customers that don’t want to download casino software can also play casino games via 888’s no download casino, the online-based version of its software.

Our goal is to be the world’s most trusted online casino. By displaying the TRUSTed Downloads seal on all of our websites, our customers are assured that our casino software applications have been certified as trustworthy by TRUSTe – the leading internet privacy services provider.

– Itai Frieberger, Senior Vice President, 888 Holdings

Growing a User Base Through a Safe, Fun, Fair, Regulated, and Secure Environment

888’s goal is to be the market leader and most trusted casino in the global online gaming industry, measured both by the total number of members and customer satisfaction. But in order to maintain and grow its user base, 888 must ensure that all of its websites provide an enjoyable customer experience − in a safe, fun, fair, regulated, and secure environment. To accomplish this goal, 888 has taken a leadership role in responsible gaming, with specialist websites dedicated to both corporate responsibility and responsible gaming.

Many of 888’s gaming options require that customers download software. But downloading software from any website requires a high degree of trust with end users. It was this requirement for the highest level of trust that led 888 to investigate TRUSTe’s privacy solutions back in 2007.

Benefiting through Consumer Trust

888 is now communicates its commitment to privacy and security by using the TRUSTed Downloads seal, the industry’s only downloadable software certification program. TRUSTed Downloads certification combines strict standards thorough review, ongoing monitoring, enforcement mechanisms, and powerful market incentives to ensure secure downloads. As a TRUSTed Downloads-certified company, 888 provides its members with explicit disclosures and control mechanisms, easy uninstall, and respect for their personal information.

By displaying the TRUSTed Downloads seal at the point of download, 888’s consumers immediately recognize its applications as responsible. “TRUSTed Downloads has enabled us to significantly increase the adoption of our downloaded software,” stated Itai Frieberger, senior vice president of 888 Holdings. “Trust is the cornerstone of our business. With TRUSTe, our customers know that we adhere to industry standards for downloadable consumer desktop applications.”

Increase consumer confidence in your business

Increasing your online sales depends on customer trust and online credibility. These TRUSTe service packages for small and medium businesses can help you simplify privacy issues and protect your reputation with industry-leading complaint-handling services. Discover the business benefits of displaying a trust mark from TRUSTe, the most respected name in online privacy.


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