Acquired Over One Million Toolbar Users

TRUSTe certification helped ALOT to acquire over a million active toolbar users in under three months.

The ALOT brand was created in 2007 to help ‘make the internet easy’ through a combination of interest-specific toolbars and customizable homepages.

With the breadth of toolbars available to consumers today and negative press associating certain toolbar brands with spyware, it was crucial for the ALOT brand to emphasize its credentials as a trustworthy and high-quality source of toolbar downloads.

Following industry best practices to respect choice and preferences pertaining to downloadable applications was only the first step in ensuring the credibility and trustworthiness of the young ALOT brand. The company needed to find a way to communicate its commitment to consumer choice and found it with TRUSTed Downloads, the first downloadable software certification program. ALOT expected this positive association with TRUSTe to both help increase download volumes, and also help attract premium advertisers and distribution partners.

Demonstrating Control and Transparency for Toolbar Downloads

Consumer control and transparency are fundamentally important to ALOT, so to help reinforce these strengths, ALOT’s toolbars were certified to be spyware-free with the TRUSTed Downloads.

To gain certification, ALOT demonstrated a broad range of quality criteria by meeting TRUSTe’s strict program requirements. Criteria included providing; notice through clear disclosure so that consumers are fully aware of the features of the toolbars, informed consent prior to download, easy to find uninstall mechanisms so that users can quickly and cleanly uninstall toolbars, and responsible promotion and distribution practices confirming ALOT’s commitment to protecting consumer choice.

We believe that TRUSTe and the Trusted Downloads seal help reinforce the credibility of the A LOT brand and give people the confidence to download and install our toolbars.

– Daniel Fries, VP Sales& Business Development, MIVA Direct, Inc.

Proven Results with Trusted Downloads Seal

The value of the ALOT toolbar paired with the respectful and transparent standards enforced by TRUSTed Downloads has helped build consumer trust and brand credibility. Certification has helped ALOT to:

  • Acquire over a million active toolbar users in under three months
  • Expand across new verticals – ALOT currently offers thirty interest-specific toolbars
  • Reinforce its position as one of the industry leaders in the toolbar space


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