Booking One Million Opt-in Newsletter Subscribers

29% Increase in Monthly Site Registration

In 1996, United Kingdom based pioneered online flight price search and comparison in the highly competitive online travel industry. It allows users to find and compare the best deals possible from hundreds of travel industry advertisers on Cheapflights’ site when purchasing travel arrangements.

Cheapflights’ newsletter is focused on growing its member base and offers unique, enticing member benefits such as newsletter hand-picked deals, podcasts and blogs. In order to collect additional and better quality leads, they wanted to address the concerns associated with email newsletter subscriptions, including; registration, spam, and phishing. With a sound privacy policy previously established, they looked to the TRUSTe seal, a consumer facing, recognized endorsement brand, to back their good email practices.

Exceeding industry email standards regarding the collection of personal information is something takes pride in. Communicating trust to our members through the TRUSTe Seal has increased newsletter registrations significantly.

– Yogesh Sharma, UK Newsletter Manager,

Alleviating Fears about Online Email Threats

As worked with TRUSTe to certify their UK Website, they became aware of the importance of demonstrating their commitment to consumer privacy through the TRUSTe seal. Fears about online email threats were addressed with TRUSTe program requirements exceeding CAN-SPAM and embodying best practices for Website email disclosures. As a result, consumers felt safe and confident when providing personal information.

26% Increase in Monthly Site Registrations
One million opt-in newsletter registrations
Better data quality, fewer fake email addresses, and lower bounce rate

As a leading practitioner in the online travel industry, is proud to be setting a higher standard for customer privacy. With the successful results that TRUSTe certification brought to the UK site, decided to also certify their US and Canadian sites. Eleven years after inception, Cheapflights has become a major player in the travel search sector, assisting consumers in finding flight and hotel deals, as well as providing travel tips, insider information and useful guides, on both sides of the Atlantic. Visit www. for more information.

Increase consumer confidence in your business

Increasing your online sales depends on customer trust and online credibility. These TRUSTe service packages for small and medium businesses can help you simplify privacy issues and protect your reputation with industry-leading complaint-handling services. Discover the business benefits of displaying a trust mark from TRUSTe, the most respected name in online privacy.


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