Placing the TRUSTe Seal Where it Matters Most

3-5% Increase in auto loan applications

TRUSTe sealholder eLOAN conducted A/B testing with Offermatica, a leading online business optimization organization, to optimize their Auto Refinance Loan Application Web pages. The following factors were taken into consideration when deciding which elements and pages were to be tested; location and visibility of trust seals, points of information collection and pages that were “selling” the brand. Different recipes were created and tested against each other to determine which elements led consumers to complete applications.

As a financial services organization, it is extremely important to us that our customers trust us 100% with their information. By taking every measure possible to earn their trust and then displaying the TRUSTe seal, we have seen an increase in our application conversions as a result.

Putting the TRUSTe Seal to Work

The TRUSTed Websites seal had a significant impact on conversions, increasing the value of privacy for eLOAN. The results were clear.

The TRUSTe logo alone provided a 3-5% bump in application conversions

Estimated increase of $1 million in revenue annually on Auto Refinance Loan Applications

Increase consumer confidence in your business

Increasing your online sales depends on customer trust and online credibility. These TRUSTe service packages for small and medium businesses can help you simplify privacy issues and protect your reputation with industry-leading complaint-handling services. Discover the business benefits of displaying a trust mark from TRUSTe, the most respected name in online privacy.


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