Tackling Privacy Issues Through TRUSTe Certification

As the first sports league to become TRUSTe certified, the NFL has led the sports industry by making privacy a top priority.

For years, the NFL monitored the privacy arena to ensure that the organization’s privacy practices were consistent with national and state privacy laws. David M. Proper, Senior Media Counsel at the NFL, is the person responsible for the NFL’s web-based privacy practices. He felt that the NFL and its clubs maintained good privacy practices but could be more efficient if all of these entities adhered to a common set of privacy standards. One club’s potential privacy error could impact the entire brand’s reputation. Yet because each site was independently owned and operated, Mr. Proper knew he faced several challenges in getting each club to adopt a uniform privacy practice.

Rounding Up the NFL Clubs for Certification

Mr. Proper wanted the NFL to stand out in the industry and adopt the best privacy practices -- his team made privacy a top concern in 2006 and decided to involve TRUSTe, a third party expert specializing in helping organizations fine tune and standardize their privacy practices. Involving TRUSTe would not only ensure conformity with a single privacy practice, but would also give Proper’s team a certain degree of credibility when asking the clubs to adopt more privacy-centered practices. In addition, the clubs could display TRUSTe’s reputable “TRUSTed Websites seal” to instill confidence in customers making ticket or merchandise purchases online.

The NFL and its clubs worked with TRUSTe to certify 44 of the NFL-related sites. During the certification process, TRUSTe presented each club site with a customized site findings report. This report included actionable changes for adherence to TRUSTe’s program requirements, as well suggestions for improving site visitors’ experiences. TRUSTe worked closely with each NFL club to help address and resolve any open issues. Once certified, each club was awarded TRUSTe’s logo to display.

With TRUSTe certification, we feel more comfortable knowing that all of the NFL’s club sites are consistent with a uniform privacy practice. This mitigates the risk of a single unintentional misstep harming the reputation of the NFL. In addition, we believe TRUSTe seals have positively impacted our online marketing efforts.

– David M. Proper, Senior Media Counsel, NFL

Fans Appreciate the NFL's Execptional Privacy Practices

As the first sports league to become TRUSTe certified, the NFL has led the sports industry by making privacy a top priority. As of December 2006, TRUSTe has executed the certification of 44 of the NFL’s sites. Through certification and monitoring, TRUSTe verifies that all of the NFL’s club sites stay consistent with program standards. Equally important, TRUSTe ensures that each autonomous club site, with its differing business processes and marketing objectives, is consistent with one uniform privacy practice.

In addition, the use of TRUSTe’s “TRUSTed Websites seal” has been an invaluable marketing tool for the clubs. Many believe that customers feel more comfortable making ticket and merchandise purchases online when seeing the TRUSTe seal. During the checkout process, customers appear more willing to share their accurate personal information and provide transactional information knowing of the NFL’s exceptional privacy practices.

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