TRUSTe privacy seal increases purchases
by 84% for wedding site The Pros.

The Pros, a premier provider of wedding disc jockeys, photography and video, tested the TRUSTe seal in two places on their website – one on the lead registration form and the other directly on their shopping cart. As a result of displaying the TRUSTe seal, The Pros saw an enormous 84% lift in Purchases by those landing on the page with the TRUSTe seal, and a 72% increase in Revenue per Visitor lift.

Company Background

30 Years The Pros is proud to celebrate 30 years as a family business, to be the recipient of the “Bride’s Choice” award (2009), to be voted “Best of Weddings” by Knot brides (2006 - 2009) and to receive an “A” rating by the Better Business Bureau.

Established in 1978, regional growth was driven by our reputation for professionalism in every aspect of our service with many industry firsts: the first mobile disc jockey services, the first to provide photo negatives and copyrights to our brides. These powerful ideas, combined with our creative excellence and revolutionary value, brought our service to the national level serving 15 of the nation’s largest 20 markets.

That was only the beginning. Over the past 10 years, The Pros in house designers and developers have:

  • Developed the most sophisticated and user-friendly bridal website,
  • Recruited only the finest award-winning professionals
  • Continued to keep many processes including design, photo development, and
  • Video in-house (while others outsource to pad profits)

The result of this ten year plan is increased quality and artistry, enhanced customer control and personalization, and value that, even we, may have thought impossible only 5 years ago. Today we are proud to elevate brides’ expectations in over 40 markets nationwide. And yet, we remain a family business.

Whether or not a potential client has heard of our services prior to their first visit, the TRUSTe brand means more visitors will give us the opportunity to show them what we can do.

– Brian M. Tessler


Building on The Pros tradition of excellence and continuous improvement, they wanted to further ensure their web visitors felt totally comfortable engaging with their business - from the very first time visitors hit the website.

TRUSTe was confident they could help and offered a free A/B landing page test through our third party partner at no obligation to The Pros. In addition, The Pros had been growing, and wanted to ensure their marketing, sales, website, and other investments in their business were being maximized.

Monetizing website traffic and increasing conversion rates are a concern for every business. In the highly-competitive and highly-fickle wedding industry, The Pros faced a unique challenge. Their business had been so successful that it had grown beyond the traditional, regional boundaries that wedding industry peers usually have faced. To continue to grow a business that stretched larger than referral marketing could support necessitated top performance out of the website, and the online marketing that drove it.

The Pros tested the TRUSTe seal in two places on their website – one on the lead registration form to increase web visitor comfort and confidence levels to drive more leads for the business. The other seal test placement occurred directly on their shopping cart. This was the real test to see what actual revenue they could drive directly from web traffic.


84% lift in Purchases
72% increase in Revenue per Visitor

The Pros agreed to do a free A/B landing page test to gauge with TRUSTe the potential benefit of TRUSTe certification in early 2010.

To ensure statistical accuracy, the test was run against well over 5,000 web visits over the course of the test. Approximately half of these visitors would see the seal, and the other half would see the page with no seal.

The Pros saw an enormous 84% lift in Purchases by those landing on the page with the TRUSTe seal, and a 72% increase in Revenue per Visitor lift.

An interesting additional point is that The Pros had already been a BBB sealholder, so these gains are in addition to the gains brought to them by the first seal. The consumer-facing seal obviously accelerated transaction with The Pros as visitors immediately felt an increased level of trust with the site upon seeing the TRUSTe seal.

Based on these results, The Pros continues to display the TRUSTe seal right on its home page as well as other places. Sales are growing, and customers are happy.


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