Trust in Privacy for an "In the Moment" Environment

The TRUSTe seal has been a significant factor in the confidence being gained from the Fortune 500 buisnesses that Yorn works with.

Boundless across any business or enterprise, Yorn is a real-time opinion gathering and polling platform that can be accessed through any mobile device. Yorn’s intuitive web-based application captures and measures holistic experiential feedback that helps you quickly understand how your audience or customers truly feel about your offering. Uniquely, Yorn works “in the moment” which allows the data to be more accurate, credible and actionable than any other means. Yorn’s relevance is further enhanced with many optional features, such as selective sharing of questions and opinions that generate a more organic, dynamic and engaging social feedback mechanism that, in turn, elicits greater participation.


Building brand and trust are the key first steps for any start-up company. Yorn is no exception. Yorn’s clients rely on the service to gather confidential and important information from their customers about their experiences and preferences and those same customers need to have complete trust in Yorn’s privacy policies. “We knew that the use of an ecommerce privacy seal was a key component of building trust,” stated Paul DeJoe, VP of Finance at Yorn. “The decision to go with the TRUSTe seal was a simple one since TRUSTe is the industry leader in online privacy and I belive the most recognized and trusted brand. Being consumers of online services ourselves, we noticed that we often look for the TRUSTe seal to know our data is safe. We wanted to provide that same feeling of confidence and privacy to our customers.”

After a quick review of TRUSTe’s different services offerings, Yorn signed up for TRUSTe’s Web Privacy Professional Services. This level of ecommerce service provides Yorn and its customers with unlimited seal views, privacy scanning, and free dispute resolution. After signing up for the service, TRUSTe reviewed and certified www.yorn.com as a “trusted site.” Yorn also worked with TRUSTe fine-tune its published privacy policy using TRUSTe’s best practice guidance.

The TRUSTe certification of yorn.com consistently instills the highest levels of confidence and credibility that enable our sales team to skip over customers’ privacy and trust concerns and focus directly on our product and closing new business.

– Paul DeJoe, VP Finance, Yorn.com


Yorn has been using the TRUSTe privacy seal on its Website for several months now. “Since we are a startup and growing rapidly, it is hard to quantify the affect of placing the seal on our Website,” DeJoe noted. “I can say however that the TRUSTe seal has been a significant factor in the confidence we are gaining from the Fortune 500 businesses we are working with.

“As a SaaS provider, our clients and their customers must have complete confidence that we will protect their privacy and anonymity,” stated DeJoe. “This level of trust along with delivering credible feedback is the foundation of our business. If our clients and their customers do not trust our service, we’re not going to be successful. Placing the TRUSTe seal on our website appears to have derisked all issues of trust and credibilty from our customers’ point of view.”

Increase consumer confidence in your business

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