TRUSTe New Technology Blog

Welcome to TRUSTe’s new blog focused on privacy for developers and technologists. This blog will feature a technology bent to privacy versus the classical policy perspective that exists in many other forums.

There are a couple of reasons why we at TRUSTe decided to start this.  First, we think there is an equally important dialog about privacy that should be focused around privacy technology, deployment of privacy technologies and privacy as a core element of the Internet infrastructure.  Frankly, this gets lost in discussions of policy and warrants it own forum.  There has been some start to this in some of the standards groups, but even these groups don’t discuss important aspects of technology deployment like user experience, scale and operational challenges.

Second, like many of you out there, we have great technical minds thinking about the practicality of privacy technology and how it needs to be operationalized in such a way that all members of the ecosystem can participate in it and find it useful:  businesses, consumers, and platform operators. We’d like to share some of that thinking that we have accumulated over the last several years and get some feedback on that.  We are constantly amazed by the dichotomy of conversations we get into with our customers and partners that range from “Wow, that is really cool stuff!” to “What technology do you have exactly?”  TRUSTe has built a world class product and technology organization and we like to provide better clarity on that and use that as basis of evolving thinking of the industry.

Third and finally, we think like minds attract like thinkers.  We’d like to continue our outbound dialog to continue to find other technologists that like privacy and want to get involved.  Privacy is a large scale, global issue which needs an active community to provide solutions to improve it – it being transparency, control and accountability for the whole ecosystem.  We welcome conversations and working relationships of just about any manner to help think about this hard problem and come up with new innovative ways to improve it.  We’re 100% dedicated on this topic and are always looking for others to share new ideas.

Feel free to reach out to us and ask a question or give us some feedback on what we are working on.

On that note, we will have a series of topics we are working on from various members of our technology teams.  Look forward to posts starting to appear very soon and each of these folks introducing themselves.

Also, we created a new TRUSTe Labs area where we can showcase a few concepts that we are working on to get feedback.  These will be in various stages of development, but the point is to share thinking and start a conversation.

With that, we’ll get back to putting up some content that we hope you will find interesting.

Kevin Trilli
Vice President, Product
Twitter: @SquawKT22

Ken Okumura
Vice President, Engineering