Online Privacy solutions for marketers from TRUSTe across websites, mobile, email, ads & 3rd party data collection.

Increase your marketing effectiveness by assuring customers of their privacy.

Privacy Solutions for Marketers

As the amount of data available to and used by marketers to drive relevant consumer experiences increases, consumer and regulatory concerns about these data practices have grown. Let TRUSTe help you take advantage of new marketing data and technologies while assuring customers that their privacy is highly respected and you’ll see the effectiveness of your marketing programs skyrocket.

Building Brand & Online Trust with Transparency and Control

TRUSTe provides certification and compliance solutions that enable you to safely leverage valuable customer data. Display the TRUSTe’s leading consumer Privacy Seal to increase brand trust in all of your marketing channels.

Extending Transparency and Control to Behavioral Advertising and Data Collection

TRUSTe serves billions of impressions a month for leading advertisers, publishers, and agencies seeking compliance with the DAA Self-Regulatory Program for Online Behavioral Advertising, Federal Trade Commission guidelines, and emerging interna- tional standards.

Marketing to Unique Audiences: EU Citizens and Children

Whether managing your own data or data on behalf of others, special considerations must be taken for information gathered from certain audiences such as children under the age of 13 or EU citizens. TRUSTe has solutions to help comply with the unique requirements for these audiences including each EU state’s data protection authority.


Whitepaper: 7 Best Privacy Practices for Behavioral Advertising
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Research: Forrester August 2011 OBA Research
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Whitepaper: Building a Trusted Mobile Strategy
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TRUSTe is the leading global Data Privacy Management (DPM) company and powers trust in the data economy by enabling businesses to safely collect and use customer data across their customer, employee, and vendor channels. Our SaaS-based DPM Platform gives users control over all phases of data privacy management from conducting assessments and implementing compliance controls to managing ongoing monitoring. Our DPM Services, including assessments and certifications, are delivered by an expert team of privacy professionals. Thousands of companies worldwide rely on TRUSTe to minimize compliance risk and protect their brand.