TRUSTed Apps ensures that your mobile apps are privacy compliant.

By the end of 2013, the number of mobile-connected devices was expected to exceed the number of people on earth. Not only are devices rapidly increasing, but so too are trust concerns and compliance requirements as nearly 8 out of 10 consumers will not download an app they don’t trust. Strong data privacy practices are required to ensure that you can maximize your mobile return on investment (ROI) by safely collecting and using customer data while building trust and protecting your brand.

TRUSTed Apps

TRUSTed Apps, the industry–leading comprehensive privacy assessment and certification solution, ensures that your apps are trusted by customers and assessed against standards based on data privacy legal and regulatory requirements. Using a combination of proprietary scanning technology and auditing by TRUSTe’s privacy analysts, businesses are safeguarded through a review of data collection practices, third party relationships (including third parties that have access or directly collects data), and the company's privacy policy.

The Privacy Risk Assessment is based on TRUSTe’s Privacy Program Requirements, which are consistent with regulatory frameworks, recommendations, and policies such as the California Online Privacy Protection Act (CalOPPA) and the California Attorney General’s Privacy on the Go Recommendations for the Mobile Ecosystem.

For companies that heavily rely on data, TRUSTed Apps will:

  • Drive app downloads and engagement by increasing consumer trust through transparency and compliance with the TRUSTe certified privacy seal
  • Provide ongoing monitoring that identifies different types of consumer data collection, sharing, and transmissions to 3rd parties
  • Safeguard brands through advanced security scanning and monitoring (through a partnership with RiskIQ) that protects against malware and rogue apps


  • Assess apps against TRUSTe certification standards
  • Privacy Findings Report that provides gap analysis, best practices, and recommended changes
  • Identify consumer data that flows within the app (e.g. location, tracking technologies, targeted advertising)
  • Graphically mobile optimized, short–notice privacy policy disclosure
  • Ongoing compliance monitoring reporting, and dispute resolution services
  • Management of privacy- focused consumer feedback and complaints
  • Receive recommendations on disclosures and changes in privacy policy
  • Dedicated privacy account manager
  • Awarded TRUSTe Certified Privacy Seal after privacy gaps have been remedied
  • Identify unknown threats through an audit of the app
  • Provide insights to help protect consumers' data through analyzing app behavior
  • Identify privacy risk through an in-depth analysis of data collection and transmission to 1st and 3rd parties
  • Determine if Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is collected, encrypted, and/or transmitted by 3rd parties (data collection, external app calls, permissions, and partner SDKs)
  • Provide reporting through a developer portal
  • Identify brand violations or misuse by monitoring of 4M+ apps from 60+ stores worldwide
  • Detect mobile threats such as malware and rogue apps
  • Find and audit your mobile apps across multiple platforms
  • Tracking alerts and reporting

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TRUSTed Apps is available to purchase as a standalone or in conjunction with TRUSTed Websites and Children's / COPPA Certifications.

You can also purchase as part of a Data Privacy Management Platform solution customized to meet the specialized needs of your business.  For more information, select the industry solution most applicable for you.

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