Cloud data privacy certification program from TRUSTe.

Assure clients of your sound data management practices and competitively differentiate your platform to close deals faster and obtain more clients.

Competitively differentiate your Cloud and SaaS-based services.

Convincing a potential business customer that they can trust you with their data can be a difficult and time-consuming task. TRUSTe, the leading online privacy seal and services provider, has streamlined this task with its TRUSTed Cloud Data Privacy Certification program which ensures cloud data security.

Accurate privacy statement for your business

We Establish Trust of Your Cloud Platform

Proof of TRUSTe certification of your service application or platform.

Accurate privacy statement for your business

We Assess Your Platform & Cloud Data Collection Practices

Detailed review with recommendations.

Accurate privacy statement for your business

We Examine Your Cloud Privacy Policy

Creation of or update of your services
privacy policy.

Accurate privacy statement for your business

We Help You Reduce the Cost of Doing Business

Reduce costs of implementing data controls on behalf of clients.  Leverage our dispute resolution service for privacy matters.

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With TRUSTe’s reputation as an industry leader in privacy, TRUSTed Cloud Data Privacy Certification can significantly reduce the time and work it takes to earn a potential client’s trust in your data management practices and gain their business.

Companies frequently work with third party service providers, such as marketing partners, payments processors and others to support their business and customers. These contractual relationships often require a service provider to collect, store, and transmit sensitive end user data on behalf of their business customer, who expects their data will be protected in third-party hands with standards that match or exceed their own.

TRUSTed Cloud Data Privacy Certification

TRUSTed cloud certification ensures:

  1. Practices such as type of data collected, the data flows, data security measures and data usage policies meet the program requirement criteria
  2. Elements (underlying technology) comply with a set of program requirements based upon transparency, choice, and accountability
  3. Service provider’s privacy policy appropriately discloses practices

Doing Business Internationally? 

TRUSTed Cloud Data Privacy Certification is an especially attractive option for service providers who operate in the European Union (EU) as both a company and its service provider are subject to European Union Safe Harbor Principles when handling EU customer data. TRUSTe certification can ensure that both a company’s website and the service or product platform are EU Safe Harbor compliant.

Service providers that use cloud computing to deliver their services have added complexity to their data infrastructure and the threshold to winning a potential customer’s trust with their data can be significantly higher. TRUSTed Cloud Data Privacy Certification is equipped to certify the privacy practices of cloud companies and can help them reassure clients and customers of the strength of their cloud data management practices.

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TRUSTed Cloud Certification is sold bundled with TRUSTed Websites Certification, and usually purchased with EU Safe Harbor Certification Preparation.

You can also purchase as part of a Data Privacy Management Platform solution customized to meet the specialized needs of your business.  For more information, select the industry solution most applicable for you.

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