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Data collectors are rightfully concerned about the rise in today’s privacy concerns, as 9 out of 10 consumers avoid doing business with companies that do not protect their online privacy. These complexities, as well as the start of self-regulatory enforcement by the European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance (EDAA), are placing 3rd Party data collectors at risk and can lead to potential consequences of hefty legal fees, fines, and lawsuits for non-compliance.

Powered by TRUSTe, the EDAA Trust Seal Certification reduces privacy risks for EU companies that act as a 3rd Party data collector across desktop environments.

Receiving this certification:

  • Protects your brand from privacy risks through detailed audits and certifications, thus ensuring compliance with self-regulatory frameworks
  • Drives revenue by ensuring your practices are aligned with EU industry standards and best practices, thus building trust amongst your partners who are more willing to work with you
  • Shortens sales cycles with new customers and deepens the trust in your existing business relationships

How It Works

As an EDAA-approved certification provider, TRUSTe is responsible for independently assessing company compliance with the European Principles on OBA and issuing the EDAA Trust Seal to companies that can demonstrate they meet the standards required. Companies that successfully complete certification receive a detailed report outlining TRUSTe’s findings and are awarded the EDAA Trust Seal to easily demonstrate to regulators, potential partners, or consumers their compliance with privacy best practices in the EU for data collection.

In order to be certified, companies must first satisfy the program requirements that specify the comprehensive review of data collection activities including:

  1. Review cookies and other technologies the company uses to collect data through third party domains.
  2. Review and testing of opt-out and consent mechanisms and processes.
  3. Ensure the privacy policy clearly and accurately describes the company’s OBA data collection and use practices.
  4. If required, check for proper implementation of EDAA-compliant notice and choice mechanism.
  5. Review of data management policies including accountability mechanisms, data retention, and security policy.
  6. Review audience segments ensuring appropriate level of notice and consent if sensitive segments are used for targeting.

Global Privacy Solutions

What Sets Us Apart

Accurate privacy statement for your business

One Solution for EU OBA Compliance
TRUSTe provides full compliance by serving as both an approved OBA icon provider and certification provider able to issue the EDAA Trust Seal.

Accurate privacy statement for your business

Findings Report and Recommendation
After the initial audit, you receive a report that outlines how to be compliant with the EDAA Trust Seal, which is consistent with self-regulatory standards and industry best practices.

Accurate privacy statement for your business

Awarded with EDAA Trust Seal
Once certified, a proof of certification will be issued to use with prospects and clients, which shortens sales cycles with new customers and deepens the trust in existing relationships.

Accurate privacy statement for your business

Ongoing Privacy Advice
As industry best practices continue to evolve and change, we will provide ongoing advice regarding your compliance with the EDAA principles.

Learn More

EDAA Trust Seal Certification can be purchased as a standalone or bundled with TRUSTed Ads or TRUSTed Data.

You can also purchase as part of a Data Privacy Management Platform solution customized to meet the specialized needs of your business. For more information, select the industry solution most applicable for you.

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