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Companies marketing to EU consumers must adhere to amendments to the E-Privacy Directive (Cookie Directive) from 2009. As privacy concerns in today’s digital world are on the rise, 8 out of 10 UK internet consumers expect companies to comply with the EU Cookie Directive. This Directive requires companies to obtain informed consent before accessing and storing data on a consumer’s computer or other device. With these increasing complexities, as well as enforcement on the horizon, companies are rightfully concerned about the privacy implications. TRUSTe has a solution.

As part of our global Data Privacy Management Platform, TRUSTed Consent Manager is a leading solution in the EU that addresses compliance requirements mandated by the Cookie Directive. By allowing companies either an “Express” or “Implied” version of TRUSTed Consent Manager, this consumer-friendly interface can be customized by businesses to match their brand and:

  • Provides brand protection by reducing regulatory compliance risks
  • Ensures transparency for consumers through clear notice and choice regarding the collection and use of their personal information
  • Implements easily into a publisher or website operator

How It Works

TRUSTe will work with you to formulate a plan to address the Cookie Directive through a simple process. One of TRUSTe’s privacy experts will:

  • Provide an assessment of your website
  • Review the findings with you
  • Work with you to customize your consent notice and messaging
  • Provide simple JavaScript code to be implemented onto the pages within your website
  • Also show you how Consent Manager can be can be integrated directly with tag management platforms such as that provided by BrightTag


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What Sets Us Apart

Accurate privacy statement for your business

Data Privacy Management Platform
Provides clear notice and choice by leveraging technology and privacy best practices based on thousands of client implementations across a wide range of industries over the past decade.

Accurate privacy statement for your business

Proven Scalability
Our Consent Manager is built to scale and engages with millions of consumers while serving billions impressions on a monthly basis.

Accurate privacy statement for your business

Website Assessment
After the initial review, you receive a technology assessment and recommendations on Consent Manager setup to make your website compliant with the Cookie Directive.

Accurate privacy statement for your business

One Solution for EU OBA Compliance
TRUSTe ensures compliance and trust by providing a full solution for your EU OBA compliance needs including Consent Manager, EDAA Trust Seal Certification, and TRUSTed Ads.

Accurate privacy statement for your business

Dispute Resolution Services
We provide privacy dispute resolution services to help resolve any privacy-related issues that may arise.

Learn More

TRUSTed Consent Manager is sold as a standalone product or can be purchased along with EU Cookie Audit, EDAA Trust Seal Certification, or TRUSTed Ads

You can also purchase as part of a Data Privacy Management Platform solution customized to meet the specialized needs of your business. For more information, select the industry solution most applicable for you.

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