Emerging technologies and evolving data privacy practices create huge challenges for businesses to manage a global privacy program. Companies marketing to EU consumers must adhere to amendments to the 2009 E-Privacy Directive (EU Cookie Directive), and 8 out of 10 UK internet consumers expect companies to comply. The Cookie Directive requires companies to obtain informed consent before assessing and storing data on a consumer’s computer or other device. With these increasing complexities, non-compliant companies are exposed to negative media and brand risks. TRUSTe has the solution.

As part of our global Data Privacy Management Platform, Cookie Consent Manager provides the leading EU Cookie Directive solution designed for both legal/privacy and marketing professionals within brands, publishers and website operators. Cookie Consent Manager:

  • Ensures global privacy transparency and brand protection by reducing EU Cookie compliance risks through cloud-based technology
  • Delivers informed consent for consumers regarding the collection and use of their personal information through a customizable, consumer-friendly interface
  • Provides a self-service portal for simple reporting and maintenance of consent manager tools
  • Features ongoing monitoring with automated updates across global website properties

How It Works

TRUSTe will work with you to formulate a plan to address the Cookie Directive through a simple process.

  • Provide an assessment of your website followed by a review of the findings
  • Customization of consent notice, interface, and messaging
  • Full EU compliance coverage with only one JavaScript code that easily embeds onto your web pages
  • Prevents bounce rates through an in-page iFrame keeping consumers on your site
  • Ongoing monitoring through a self-service portal providing comprehensive tracker lists and automated updates as new trackers are found
  • Enhanced views for consumers to identify which advertisers are behaviorally targeting them
  • Also can be integrated directly with tag management platforms such as BrightTag and Google


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What Sets Us Apart

Accurate privacy statement for your business

Data Privacy Management Platform
Provides EU Cookie Compliance through informed consent by leveraging technology and privacy best practices based on dozens of major brands and publisher implementations across a wide range of industries.

Accurate privacy statement for your business

Proven Scalability
Built to scale and engages with millions of consumers while serving billions of monthly impressions.

Accurate privacy statement for your business

Website Review
After an initial review, receive an assessment and recommendations on how to setup Consent Manager in order to make your website compliant with the Cookie Directive.

Accurate privacy statement for your business

Simple Implementation and Managed Services
Easy set-up using only one JavaScript code that simply embeds onto your webpages, as well as a self-service portal providing ongoing monitoring of comprehensive tracker lists and automated updates as new trackers are found.

Accurate privacy statement for your business

Consumer Friendly, Customizable Interface
Customizable in-page iFrame that prevents abandonment and provides consumers with enhanced views into which advertisers are behaviorally targeting them.

Accurate privacy statement for your business

Brand Power
#1 globally recognized privacy brand with over 15 years experience representing more than 5,000 clients.

TRUSTe Data Privacy Management Platform

EU Cookie Consent Management is available as a module within our Data Privacy Management (DPM) Platform or can be delivered to you through our DPM Services team.

The Data Privacy Management Platform is the comprehensive, cloud-based technology infrastructure with a comprehensive set of privacy management capabilities.

The DPM Platform is a collaborative and cost-effective resource for managing brand protection, building trust, and maintaining compliance.

For more information, visit TRUSTe Data Privacy Management Platform.

Data privacy management platform from TRUSTe offering web, cloud, mobile and ad privacy solutions.
The TRUSTe DPM Platform
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