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Data analytics, customer profiling and tracking technologies have created a complex data privacy landscape. It is essential to comply with evolving federal and industry regulations while making the most of new technologies to innovate and compete. A strategic approach to data privacy helps protect your customers, preserve your reputation and avoid costly fines.

Privacy Regulation Compliance

Reducing risk of non-compliance may be as simple as updating a privacy policy or it may require changes to your business and development practices to enhance privacy options and increase transparency. Regulations that might apply to your business:

• The EU Safe Harbor Framework requires third party resolution services and has strict data retention policies.
• The EU Cookie Directive requires websites to obtain consent for EU citizens to view web pages with cookies and other tracking technologies.
• Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) requires verifiable consent from a parent before collecting information from a child under 13 years old.

Transparent Data Collection and Sharing

Websites, online ads, mobile apps, and cloud services give you more information about your customer than ever before. Your privacy policy should be optimized for any channel where you collect data and may include channels that use the following data:

1. Individual identity data—name, address, IP address or driver’s license
2. Behavioral data—where visitors go, where they are, or what they do
3. Derived data—profiles based on analytical models
4. Self-identified data—likes, networks, intent, product opinions

Third Party Privacy Dispute Resolution

The EU Safe Harbor framework requires that companies retain a third party for dispute resolution related to privacy issues. It is not enough to respond internally to questions and concerns. Quick resolution that protects the business and responds to concerned customers is good for compliance and for business. Customers trust companies that address their concerns in a timely manner.

Privacy policy requirements are changing with new concerns about consumer privacy and powerful new technologies. Let TRUSTe help guide your organization with a comprehensive privacy management suite.

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