Top 3 Privacy Policy Challenges and Solutions

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Online privacy is making headlines in the news and in the courts. Journalists, activists and government agencies want to know what data is being collected, by whom and why. And they are making an example out of companies, large and small, that collect too much information or use it in undisclosed ways that undermine privacy.

To stay out of the news and build trust with customers, many companies are updating their privacy policy and practices to fit today’s challenging privacy landscape. Here are the top 3 privacy challenges facing companies today:

Compliance: Staying Current with New Policies and Regulations

Challenge: Privacy is a global concern and regulations are in flux. Security experts, consumer protection advocates, and business trade associations are weighing in on privacy frameworks, policies and laws. Non-compliance may result in government audits, substantial fines, and negative publicity. Examples of current compliance requirements:

• Children's Online Privacy Protection (COPPA) requires websites that collect personally identifiable information (PII) from children under age 13 to obtain verifiable parental consent. (US)

• The EU Directive on Data Protection prohibits the transfer of European citizens’ personal data to non-European Union nations that do not meet the EU’s “adequacy” standard for privacy protection. (EU)

• The EU Cookie Directive requires prior consent before directing EU citizens to a web page with cookies or other tracking technologies. (EU)

• The Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) has developed guidelines for a self-regulatory program for online behavioral advertising.

Solution: Put the experts in your corner. Third party certification by global privacy experts gives you and your customers confidence that your policies meet all required regulations for your industry and location. They also monitor your site to make sure your practices match your policy.

Technology: Get the Latest without Compromising Privacy

Challenge: Innovations in tracking technology and analytics help nurture leads, customize online experiences, and extend your reach to new form factors. But when is a clever app really a Trojan Horse, set to invade your customers’ privacy?

Solution: Ad networks, shopping carts services, and other providers that have certified privacy policies provide assurance that they share your level of commitment to privacy. Regular website scanning and mobile app packet analysis tools provide detailed reports of what’s on your site and how it got there. Together, these tools help you take advantage of new technologies without putting your reputation at risk.

Trust: Overcoming Customer Concerns about Privacy

Challenge: Websites give you many ways to increase customer engagement and build loyalty in your brand, products, and services. But customers have to trust to click your link and the threshold is even higher before they create an account or submit payment information.

Solution: A trustmark or seal from a credible third party shows that your privacy policy and practices have been certified by security experts. The option to opt-out (or opt-in) of data use and to control privacy gives customers confidence that their privacy matters to you.

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