3rd Annual Global Privacy Benchmark Results

Emerging from the worst of the pandemic, but with undiminished threats including supply chains and cybersecurity attacks, medium and large enterprises need to reinforce their privacy approaches.

Our global findings witnessed a dip in privacy competence and confidence, as evidenced by our TrustArc Global Privacy Index. Perhaps exhausted by efforts not only in dealing with the pandemic but also now adjusting to other harsh market realities, confidence in privacy has been shaken in 2022.

Key takeaways include:

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Top 3 trends in the privacy space right now

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How companies are managing the evolving global regulatory landscape

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The 7 keys to managing a privacy program and how each industry performs

2022 TrustArc Global Benchmarks Report

“71% of respondents believe their companies can do more when it comes
to strengthening privacy.”

2022 Global Privacy Benchmarks Report

2022 Global Privacy Benchmarks Report

“Using the suite of TrustArc tools is incredibly important to us to document and track compliance with our global privacy program.”

Chief compliance officer, industrial company

Global Privacy Benchmark Standards are Evolving

As more and more regulations continue to come out in countries across the globe, companies will need to adjust and evolve the approach to their privacy programs. And keeping a pulse on how the market changes will also be important to understanding the broader privacy ecosystem of business, government and consumers.

Time to compliance: Down from eight to just three weeks

Before using TrustArc the customer’s processes were highly manual, inefficient and spreadsheet based. Now, with the automation of the TrustArc platform, time to compliance has been reduced by 75%.

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