TrustArc GDPR Validation



Independently demonstrate GDPR compliance

Get an efficient, independent review conducted through TrustArc’s independent assurance subsidiary, TRUSTe, to validate and report on your GDPR compliance efforts.


Many companies are continuing to pursue external GDPR validation; in 2019, 63% of companies planned to secure assurance from an independent firm.


TrustArc’s GDPR Validation enables companies to demonstrate their GDPR compliance efforts and status using intelligent technology-powered assessments delivered by our team of in-house privacy experts.

GDPR Validation

Two ways to validate your GDPR Compliance

GDPR Program Validation

GDPR Practices Validation

For an assessment of your privacy program

For assessments of specific processes or technologies that are a part of your overall business operations

GDPR Evaluation Criteria

TRUSTe’s GDPR Validation solutions are modeled on our experience as an APEC CBPR and APEC PRP accountability agent and outside reviewer for EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Verification. 

Our GDPR Validation requirements are mapped to applicable GDPR Articles and ISO 27001 standards, and the standards of the TrustArc Privacy and Data Governance Accountability Framework.

GDPR Validation in Three Phases

Assess Your Privacy Program or Practices

Our privacy assessments provide the information TRUSTe requires to understand and work with you to remediate your compliance risks. Our experts guide you through the process, utilizing our proven methodology and powerful technology.


TrustArc Privacy Assessment Dashboard

Remediate gaps while moving towards certification

Based on the information gathered from the assessment, our team guides you through the remediation process, helping to ensure required changes are completed.


  • Remediation Assistance
    Rely on us to help you remediate gaps in your privacy programs and validate that your privacy statements accurately reflect your privacy practices and are consistent with applicable standards.
  • GDPR Validation Letter
    As proof of TRUSTe Validation, an official GDPR Validation Letter is issued that can be shared with your business partners, providing your organization with competitive differentiation.
  • Searchable Audit Trail
    All assessment work and supporting documentation is available in a searchable, central repository – providing a way to respond to inquiries and demonstrate compliance for internal/external audits.
We’re with you at every stage of your GDPR journey

Need additional support to achieve the next level of GDPR compliance? We’re here to help.


We will design a solution around your unique business and privacy goals. Regardless of where you are in the journey, the complexity of your business operations, or how quickly you need to make changes, we will partner with you to achieve GDPR compliance.

What You Get When You Validate With Us
Our people support your people. Our team offers an effective combination of broad industry expertise and in-depth regulatory knowledge to help you demonstrate a differentiated privacy program.
Get up and running quickly. We’ll work with you to efficiently kick-off a validation that will begin demonstrating compliance commitments.
Improve your existing documentation. We use regulation-aligned templates built by our team of experts to augment your current policies and procedures.

Evidence of your privacy efforts. Displaying your summary validation letter on your website demonstrates your industry leadership and dedication to data protection.

OnePIN Testimonial


“The GDPR Validation shows that our privacy program has been reviewed and validated by a leading authority on data privacy so our customers can rest easy knowing their information is safe.”


-Feyzi Celik, CEO

Looking to validate your GDPR compliance status?