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Leading up to the second annual IoT Privacy Summit on June 17th we’ll be featuring a series of blog posts about the panels and speakers at the upcoming event.

Pushing on a touch screen interface navigation system in interior of modern car

At the upcoming IoT Privacy Summit 2015 on June 17th, one of the many panels will focus on privacy self-regulation in the automotive industry – a topic that’s received a lot of press ever since the connected car concept was introduced.

The panel titled, “How the Automobile Industry Took the Lead in Industry Self–Regulation” at 10:45 a.m. will cover the rapid evolution of privacy best practices in the automotive industry, and how those best practices will protect consumers and companies. Speakers include: Tim Tobin, Partner, Hogan Lovells; Jill Phillips, Chief Privacy Officer, General Motors; Joe Jerome, Policy Counsel, Future of Privacy Forum.

Lawmakers and industry experts have taken an interest in how automotive companies will protect the privacy of drivers as connected cars are introduced to the market. Clearly, the automotive industry is paying attention and last year launched the first self-regulatory principles for the Internet of Things. Join this session to hear from the key people involved in developing these principles and find out what they see as the next steps for the industry.

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With more than 40 speakers and 12 sessions, the 2nd Annual IoT Privacy Summit 2015 is expected to be the premier event for anyone working in IoT and privacy-related fields. To register for the IoT Privacy Summit 2015, click here.