March Monthly Spotlight

- Mar. 5

Center for Technology & Democracy (CDT) Tech Prom
Washington, D.C.

TRUSTe is sponsoring a table at TechProm 2014 as the CDT celebrates it’s 20th anniversary. Come say hello to TRUSTe CEO Chris Babel and Saira Nayak, Director of Policy as the CDT celebrates keeping the Internet open, innovative and free. Register here.

- Mar. 5 – 7
International Association of Privacy Associations (IAPP) Global Privacy Summit
Washington, D.C.

Stop by the TRUSTe booth #37 at the annual IAPP Privacy Summit to learn more about how data privacy management platform can help your business address privacy challenges of today. Register here.

- Mar. 20
TRUSTe Powering Trust Speaker Series

TRUSTe is continuing its sell-out Power Trust Speaker Series with an event in London entitled “Mobile and Cross-device Advertising: Innovation, Privacy and Industry Solutions.” Latest speakers include:

  • James Booth, CEO & Founder at Rockabox
  • Gareth Davies, CEO AdBrain
  • Nick Stringer, Chairman of the EDAA & Director of Regulatory Affairs at IAB UK

Register today to reserve your seat.

- Mar. 26
TRUSTe Hosted ad:tech Mixer
San Francisco

Come meet the TRUSTe team during ad:tech at San Francisco’s premier wine lounge, the Press Club. Eat, drink and connect with peers to chat about about innovations in advertising including TRUSTe Consumer Interests. Request and invite here.


Revolutionizing How Ads are Delivered To Consumers

Power Hour Session on mobile advertising solutions by TRUSTe at 2014 Mobile World Congress.

Yann Kronberg, Director of Mobile Advertising Products

When it comes to targeting users today, the advertising ecosystem lacks relevant information, which in turn impedes overall advertising performance and at the same time annoys users with lack of relevance.

The industry is either dependent on what the publishers are willing to give the advertiser, or whatever an SSP (Supply Side Platform)  is giving it at auction time.
At best the most specific you are getting are: Channel; Geo-location; Publisher Name; Site Name; Frequency Depth; Language; Platform

What this means in practical terms that all the advertiser knows is: “English-speaking user is browsing CNN, from the US, using an android phone and a Chrome web browser. This is second time we are seeing him.”

Most of the time the information gathered is even less, especially in mobile. This makes it even more difficult to advertise, especially in the performance space. It’s then easy to understand why CTR and conversion rates in mobile are so low.

Anybody trying to make a digital dollar out of users is desperate for information that will drive these metrics up. Agencies and brands are spending billions of dollars on 3rd party data every year, hence the booming growth of DMPs (Data Management Platform). In practice, these companies ‘bucket’ users into certain categories: demographics (age, gender, etc.), long term (user who like sports) and short term (in the market for a booking a flight).

From a consumer perspective, the users have to repeat the same process for each major platform and all the native platforms (e.g. Linkedin, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.). For the consumer it is at best a suboptimal process as they still might question, ” Did I update my Facebook Advertising preferences?” or “Are my preferences up to date?”

In 2009, the DAA launched an industry solution to provide “choice” via an AdChoices icon to provide baseline privacy controls for users and to help educate users on the value exchange of their browsing data with advertisers.

But, providing “choice” need not be only be about opting out. To provide the full set of options in a privacy-safe manner, a mechanism should also exist to provide clear indication about what the user’s ad preferences are to help the user customize their advertising experience and offer the advertisers data to make their ads more relevant and save spend on users that have no interest in a particular campaign.

What’s next?

As part of TRUSTe’s work with consumers to help them interact with advertisers through our trusted brand and consumer services, our next set of products for consumers and advertisers will provide a privacy-safe mechanism for users to express their preferences directly with advertisers and obtain the best experience while controlling their data.

A full house gathered at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona today to hear from TRUSTe, BBC Worldwide, Adobe and PubMatic as we shared the latest consumer research findings and trial results.

View our video and get in touch with the team to find out more about personalizing the digital advertising experience and putting consumers in control of their advertising preferences.


TRUSTed Apps: Protecting Brands through Privacy and Risk Monitoring

The number of mobile-connected devices was expected to exceed the number of people on earth by the end of 2013. Not only are devices rapidly increasing, the latest consumer research from TRUSTe reveals that trust concerns and compliance requirements are also at a high with 8 out of 10 consumers not willing to download an app they don’t trust.

We are enhancing our TRUSTed Apps product, which strengthens the industry leading comprehensive privacy assessment and certification solution, with Continuous Risk Monitoring capabilities. This new service includes technology to detect Personally Identifiable Information (PII) that is collected within your app. The enhancement also combines our mobile privacy policy generator with the capability to discover additional sensitive personal data that your app may collect. This is done with new tools that evaluate your app within our technology. If additional PII is found, automatic updates can be made easily to your privacy policy to ensure your disclosures are in accordance to the app’s behavior.

With this new technology, you can ensure that your apps are trusted by customers and assessed against standards based on data privacy legal and regulatory requirements that will:

  • Drive engagement and trust by thoroughly analyzing your app and discovering privacy risks that could negatively impact your customers
  • Manage risk and ensure transparency by identifying what types of consumer data is being collected, stored, or transmitted by your app or third parties
  • Safeguard brands through a monitoring service that detects & identifies permissions accessed by the app

For a live demo at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, stop by TRUSTe Booth #K77 in the App Planet Hall 8.1 to learn more.


TRUSTe Heads to Mobile World Congress in Barcelona to Discuss How to Personalize the Consumer Ad Experience and Put Consumers in Control

TRUSTe at 2014 Mobile World Congress.

With Mobile World Congress #MWC14 around the corner, TRUSTe is excited to join more than 1,700 exhibitors and 70,000 attendees, and participate in engaging discussions about the latest product and technology innovations for mobile.

During the event, TRUSTe will unveil a new advertising concept designed to satisfy the needs of consumers, privacy regulators, and the advertising ecosystem.  Don’t miss the exclusive TRUSTe Power Hour event on February 27 – “The Future of Mobile Advertising: From Opt-out to Opt-in” featuring:

  • Chris Babel, CEO at TRUSTe
  • Tom Bowman, VP Global Strategy & Sales Operations at BBC Worldwide
  • Bob Walczak, GM Mobile & Video at PubMatic; and
  • Roger Woods, Sr. Product Manager, Mobile Solutions at Adobe

Join us to hear the latest market trends along with consumer and advertiser needs, and the latest field test results.  If you are attending MWC then register here for the Power Hour, or stop by the TRUSTe Booth #K77 in the App Planet Hall 8.1, to meet our team on-site.

We will also be sharing more details on social media channels  (#poweringtrust and #mwc14) throughout Mobile World Congress. Subscribe to our blog and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter for the latest news.


Building Blocks of Success – Respecting Kids Privacy Online

Lego partners with TRUSTe as a client to comply with COPPA with TRUSte’s Children’s privacy certification program

LEGO is now the #2 toy manufacturer in the world according to an article in The Economist last week. This is hardly a surprise given the extent of our love affair with the plastic colored bricks. According to LEGO every person on earth owns 86 LEGO bricks and by 2017 LEGO men are expected to outnumber humans. “The LEGO Movie” took $70m at the US box-office over its first weekend.

It is a phenomenal growth story as LEGO has successfully responded to the rise of mobile apps, gaming consoles and on-demand TV by embracing the new media, diversifying into television, video games and, now, film.

But LEGO’s innovation doesn’t stop there. As a business they wanted to demonstrate their commitment to respecting kids information online and follow privacy best practices when marketing to kids. We’re delighted that LEGO are a partner and a client and look forward to working with them to build trust with customers of all ages as they continue to go from strength to strength.

The TRUSTe Children’s Privacy Certification program allows businesses to easily demonstrate the child-friendly nature of their website or app while ensuring compliance with the COPPA Rule and alleviating parental concerns over the safety of their children’s information. Since we were first approved in 2001, TRUSTe has become the largest FTC-approved certification provider working with some of the largest global brands.

We like building too. Find out how we can help you build trust here.


February Monthly Spotlight


– Feb 19
EU Regulatory Update – Implications & Opportunities
(Webinar – OTA Members Only)

Join Saira Nayak, Director of Policy at TRUSTe, on Wednesday, February 19, 2014 for the Online Trust Alliance (OTA) webinar which will provide an update on the EU Regulatory environment and discuss related implications and opportunities.  Register here.


– Feb 24 – 27
Mobile World Congress – The Future of Mobile Advertising: From Opt-out to Opt-in

#MWC14 is a world-class thought leadership conference featuring visionary keynotes and panel discussions. More than 1,700 exhibitors will showcase cutting-edge product and technology innovations.

Stop by the TRUSTe Booth #K77 in the App Planet Hall 8.1 and don’t miss the TRUSTe Power Hour session on Thursday February 27 – The Future of Mobile Advertising: From Opt-out to Opt-in. Chris Babel, CEO at TRUSTe will be joined on stage by Roger Woods, Sr. Product Manager, Mobile Solutions at Adobe; Tom Bowman, VP Global Strategy & Sales Operations at BBC Worldwide and Bob Walczak, GM Mobile & Video at Pubmatic as TRUSTe shares a new advertising concept designed to satisfy the needs of consumers, privacy regulators, and the advertising ecosystem. Join us to hear the latest market trends along with consumer and advertiser needs, and the latest field test results. Register here.

- Feb. 27
CBBB and TRUSTe Discuss Compliance with the DAA’s Principles

Listen as Genie Barton, VP and Director, Online Interest-Based Advertising Accountability Program & Mobile Marketing Initiatives of Council of Better Business Bureaus (CBBB) and Joanne Furtsch, Director of Product Policy at TRUSTe explain the requirements for compliance with the DAA’s Principles and share tools and technologies available to help companies manage and maintain ongoing compliance on Thursday, February 27. If your company collects information for OBA purposes, and you’re not sure if you’re compliant then don’t miss this opportunity to get your questions answered. Register here.


Speakers Define “Privacy” at the Churchill Club’s Data Privacy Trends Event

The sold-out event featured a lively discussion on hot privacy topics including how to adhere to privacy requirements without inhibiting economic growth in the ad-tech ecosystem, the intersection of privacy and security, and how to provide consumers with meaningful and user friendly tools to manage their privacy preferences to safeguard their personal information. Check out this video from the event:

Last week, in support of Data Privacy Day (#DPD14), TRUSTe sponsored the Churchill Club Data Privacy Trends event on the emerging trends in data privacy and impact on business.

The panel session was moderated by Fatemeh Khatibloo, Senior Analyst, Forrester Research and included the following speakers:

  • Chris Babel, CEO, TRUSTe
  • Michelle Dennedy, VP & Chief Privacy Officer, McAfee
  • Barbara Lawler, Chief Privacy Officer, Intuit
  • Jeb Miller, General Partner, Jafco Ventures
  • Jeffrey Rabkin, Special Assistant Attorney General, Office of the Attorney General, California Department of Justice

Event on Data Privacy Trends at Churchill Club organized by TRUSTe

The panel kicked off with the moderator Forrester’s Khatibloo asking speakers to define “privacy”:

Rabkin noted, “It’s clear that different people have different answers – it’s personal” and “Privacy has something to do with what Brandies referenced ( as the right to be ‘being undisturbed, being unobserved’ where privacy is tied to the inner life which allows (everyone) the ability to be an individual to be deeply rooted in American culture.”

Miller defined privacy as “an individual’s right to manage individual information in an increasingly digital world.”

Lawler said, “Privacy is personal and it means different things to different people. The right to know and understand the decisions about you (allows) you to have autonomy in your own life.”

Dennedy took an interesting perspective linking privacy to security and commented,  “Privacy, whether at the enterprise manner, or the individual, is about authorized sharing.”

Babel rounded off the panel by turning the question back to moderator and said, “It’s a very personal thing to define.”

The conversation continued touching upon how to focus not on the problem, but on what the opportunity is from a consumer and business perspective. The way businesses use data about individual consumers must be in a way that fits with their expectations and understanding of what privacy is contextually. Companies need to remain ethical and remain accountable with measures for security and compliance in place. Privacy is more than a risk mitigation tool, a risk cost center, and we need to move away from that mindset.

“There’s nothing wrong with assigning a value to it. The minute you assign a value to it, you become entrepreneurial,” said Dennedy. “At its core, at the enterprise level, it is a creation engine. Apart from imparting principles in design engineering, we need to ask ourselves – is it legal, then questions arise about morality and ethics. If you hit legal value, business ethics, moral and ethical value, then you have something and people will want to invest. Value creation, if you are only doing it for legal compliance, is wasting your time. You make more money when you treat humans ethically.”

Celebrating 2014 Data Privacy Day at Churchill Club by TRUSTe

The panel continued on to discuss how marketing and business organization, beyond engineers, start to understand privacy – what are the opportunities?

Babel said, “At the end of the day what it comes down to is building trust with the consumer. At its core, it’s maximizing value of data in a privacy safe way.”

Companies need to have a clear understanding of the data they collect online, and why, and have a clear data privacy management practice in place.


Beyond the Privacy Policy – TRUSTe speaks at OTA’s Data Protection Town Hall

TRUSTe at 2014 data privacy and protection-town hall and workshopTRUSTe joined the OTA’s Privacy  & Data Protection Town Hall in San Francisco today speaking on the “Beyond the Privacy Policy: Moving from Compliance to Stewardship” topic, which explored key issues related to data privacy and stewardships, demands for customer controls and best practices for self-regulation.

The panel covered the evolving regulatory landscape including issues and opportunities with mobile, geolocation and facial recognition.  Moderated by Aaron Weller, Director of Data & Privacy Practice of PWC, the panel included: Thomas Dahdouh, Western Regional Federal Trade Commission; Joanne McNabb, Director of Privacy Education and Policy of the Office of the California Attorney General; and Kevin Trilli, Vice President of Product of TRUSTe.

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