December Monthly Spotlight — Privacy Priorities Webinar

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  • December 4

TRUSTe Privacy Automation Forum

Ace Hotel in New York City

At the TRUSTe Privacy Automation Forum guests will learn about current trends in privacy management, see an in-depth demonstration of the new TRUSTe Assessment Manager solution and get the opportunity to provide input into TRUSTe’s product roadmap.

This event is invite-only. TRUSTe plans to hold more of these type of events in 2015.


  • December 16, 9 a.m. PT / 12 p.m. ET

2015 Privacy Priorities – Leading the Pack

In this webinar, TRUSTe CEO Chris Babel will speak with Sam Pfeifle of IAPP and Hilary Wandall of Merck & Co., Inc. about the findings from IAPP’s recent study and corporate priorities to ensure privacy compliance and brand trust in the year ahead.

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Looking Ahead

TRUSTe’s Senior Privacy Consultant and Product Manager Debra J. Farber will be speaking at the 2nd Annual Business of Privacy Summit on January 26-27 in New York City. This event will focus on how organizations can utilize privacy practices to drive business and break into new markets. For more details and to register, click here.

In support of Data Privacy Day on Jan. 28, TRUSTe is hosting an event titled, “Data Privacy Trends 2015″ along with the Churchill Club and NCSA. For more details and to register, click here.

The Online Trust Alliance is hosting three events to promote data privacy education, with the first kicking off on Data Privacy Day. The 2015 DpD Town Halls & Breach Workshops will take place in three cities across the U.S. on three different dates: the first event will take place in San Francisco on January 28; the second will take place on February 4 in New York City and the last will take place in Washington, D.C. on February 5. To read about these events and to get involved, click here.


HP First to Achieve Dual Certification for BCRs and CBPRs


Hewlett-Packard (HP) has become the first company to be approved under both the EU Binding Corporate Rules (BCR) and Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation’s Cross-Border Privacy Rules (CBPR) systems.

The concept of dual certification was first introduced last March at the IAPP Global Privacy Summit when the Article 29 Working Party and APEC published a Referential mapping the requirements between the two frameworks. The document was introduced as a practical tool to help streamline the process for global companies seeking approval under both frameworks and welcomed as a first step towards to greater inter-operability.

For HP, obtaining the TRUSTe APEC Privacy Seal was the final step on their route towards dual certification and they join a growing list of companies who are choosing APEC Certification to demonstrate their commitment to consumer privacy and ensure they transfer data around the world in a safe way in compliance with global privacy frameworks.

The APEC CBPR System is a self-regulatory initiative that addresses cross-border data flows between APEC Member Economies through voluntary and enforceable codes of conduct adopted by participating businesses. TRUSTe was approved as the first Accountability Agent for the APEC CBPR System in June 2013.

Josh Harris, director of policy at TRUSTe, commented: “HP has been engaged in APEC’s work on cross-border data transfers for many years and was one of the first companies to participate in a test pilot of this project. Its extremely gratifying to see them reach this milestone.”

Find out more about the TRUSTe APEC Privacy program here:


TRUSTe To Host Upcoming Privacy Automation Forum In NYC

New York City

A select group of senior privacy, risk and compliance professionals will convene in New York City on Dec. 4 to discuss the issues they encounter working in the evolving field of privacy.

The Privacy Automation Forum is the second of two events hosted by TRUSTe with the first taking place at TRUSTe’s headquarters in San Francisco in mid-November. The purpose of these forums is to get a better understanding of the problems faced by privacy professionals from a wide range of industries, and to allow them to provide input on our product design and future product roadmap.

“We want to get top-level privacy professionals together in a small group setting in order to discuss the issues they face to determine how TRUSTe can help alleviate those concerns,” said TRUSTe CEO Chris Babel. “This is truly an interactive learning opportunity for both attendees and TRUSTe.”

According to recent IAPP research, managing privacy audits and assessments is one of the top priorities for privacy professionals. However, for many organizations this process can be overwhelming, due in part to continually changing regulatory requirements. The new TRUSTe Assessment Manager, part of our Data Privacy Management (DPM) Platform, automates the end-to-end management of privacy assessments via a powerful, easy to use SaaS-based solution leveraging TRUSTe’s extensive privacy expertise and leading edge technology tools.

In addition to discussion and networking, attendees will get a demo of the DPM Platform and get a chance to provide feedback to TRUSTe.

These forums are invite-only. For those invited, you can register for this event by clicking here.




Smart Practices for Marketers Collecting Consumer Data

Marketers Collecting Consumer Data Wharton

By Andrew McDevitt, senior privacy consultant at TRUSTe

This article is based on a presentation “Privacy in the Digital Age- Avoiding Consumer Backlash: Smart Marketing Practices for Collecting Customer Data while Improving Personalization, Trust and Transparency” which was delivered by Andrew McDevitt, TRUSTe at The Customer Centricity Summit,” sponsored by Knowledge@Wharton, the online business journal of the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School.


For companies, knowing how to effectively identify and understand valued customers through the use of predictive data analytics, customer lifetime value programs and location data technologies is essential for growth. Of course, the privacy implications of amassing consumer data should also be a major concern for companies.

Addressing more than one hundred senior level data marketing executives at a conference in New York City earlier this month I discussed the various data protection and trustworthy computing implications of these consumer-centric business practices.

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TRUSTe Wins Silver 2014 US Mobile & App Design Award


We’re excited to announce that the TRUSTe Privacy App has won the silver 2014 US Mobile & Design Award in the Utilities category!

This award program acknowledges the shift in the importance of mobile apps in our everyday lives and celebrates the courage of innovators in one of the great design nations of the world.

“As we’re only at the start of this new revolution in personal devices, the design and function of mobile apps is still in the beginning phases, however there is clear excitement and innovation in the apps that are being produced,” said Mark Bergin, CEO and founder of the U.S. Mobile & App Design Awards. “We’re excited to present this award to TRUSTe for their groundbreaking new Privacy App.”

The TRUSTe app is the first advertising privacy app that allows consumers to set their preferences and tell advertisers the type of ads they want to see. The app combines the market-leading privacy compliance solution, TRUSTed Ads with TRUSTed Interests, the first privacy-friendly interests management solution that puts consumers in direct control of their digital experience – a win-win for both advertisers and consumers.

Mark Bergin, CEO and founder of the U.S. Mobile & App Design Awards presents the silver award to TRUSTe's VP of Product Kevin Trilli.

We’re extremely honored to receive this award for our privacy app! You can download the app for free from the App Store (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch), or at Google Play (Android).


TRUSTe’s Agreement with the FTC


Chris Babel, CEO

At TRUSTe we take very seriously the role we play in the privacy ecosystem and our commitment to supporting our customers. And if we fall short, we admit it, we address the issue, and we move forward.

Today, an agreement was announced with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) settling a complaint about two of our prior business processes. The FTC did not find any issues with TRUSTe’s privacy practices, but there were two processes that needed to be fixed – and we have addressed both.

The first item is that we did not ensure all certified websites removed a reference to TRUSTe as a non-profit entity in their privacy policies after we transitioned to a for-profit enterprise in 2008. The second is that we did not complete the annual review step of certification from 2006 until January 2013 for clients who had signed up for multi-year agreements. This represents less than 10% of the total number of annual reviews we were scheduled to conduct during that time.

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Rise in Privacy Investment Evident as Companies Rush to Join New DPM Platform Beta Program

DPMP Blog Image

Today we’re excited to announce that the beta program for our Data Privacy Management Platform has reached full capacity. Numerous well-known international brands have signed-up to participate in this program, which will give them access to this comprehensive and intuitive privacy solution.

The interest we’ve seen since announcing this program is a strong indicator that enterprises are eager to invest in privacy by implementing privacy compliance tools, and also highly value the opportunity to become privacy leaders within their respective fields.

The TRUSTe DPM Platform is a comprehensive privacy management solution. The beta program features the latest module of the DPM Platform, the TRUSTe Assessment Manager module, which provides automated capabilities to assess and manage privacy risks including compliance reviews, gap analysis and program management.

The beta period runs through the end of December, during which time the participating companies will provide feedback about the platform. General availability for the Assessment Manager Module as part of the TRUSTe DPM Platform is expected this December.

“This beta program is a great opportunity for companies who want to be early adopters of a solution that can help them to keep pace with the evolving privacy and regulatory landscape, and for TRUSTe to gain some valuable insights for further development of the platform,” says TRUSTe CEO Chris Babel.

Privacy has become a key focus for organizations that wish to address growing consumer concerns and minimize compliance risk. According to a recent survey of 1,000 Chief Privacy Officers conducted by the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP), privacy spending for the Fortune 1000 is expected to approach $3 billion in 2015, with 38% of respondents indicating an estimated increase in budget of 34%. This signifies major growth in the privacy sector and validates that a real need exists for solutions that help privacy professionals manage these needs across their organizations.

To learn more about the DPM Platform, read our latest press release or visit our website. To request a demo, contact TRUSTe at 1-888-878-7830.


Survey Shows Growing Data Privacy Concerns In the Farming Community

Apple orchard and harvesting.

“As the Internet of Things expands and data collection remains a multi billion dollar business, we’ll see concerns about data privacy in every sector, industry and profession,” says TRUSTe CEO Chris Babel.

A recently published survey of 3,380 farmers from The American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) conducted from late July to September this year found that the majority of farmers feared their data could be used without their consent. The farmers surveyed cite privacy as a top concern when it comes to their data –particularly keeping their data anonymous so it cannot be traced back to their operation. Key takeaways from the survey:

  • Three out of four farmers are concerned that their farm data could get in the hands of an entity and used for regulatory purposes.
  • More than 50% of farmers indicated that they plan on investing in new or additional precision data technologies in the next couple years.
  • More than half of farmers indicated that they were unsure whether or not their farm data could be shared with an off-farm company’s third party, business partner, or affiliate.

Today’s farmers utilize technology to measure yield, soil conditions, fertilizers used and much more. For major operations, this software is necessary to compete with other farms. Understandably, privacy is a concern for farmers because if their competitors were able to access this data, they would know everything about their operation including the farmer’s cost structure. This would allow competitors to successfully bid for land or seeds. The companies that make this software for farmers hold the keys to the kingdom of a farmer’s operation, which is why it’s essential for these companies to have a solid privacy policy in place. Farmers want to use this helpful software but companies need to ensure transparent and compliant privacy practices are in place in order to assuage consumer concerns.

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