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APEC Certified Companies

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File a Privacy Complaint

If you have a concern or unresolved privacy dispute with a participant in a TRUSTe certification program, you can file a complaint at no-cost through TRUSTe's Feedback and Resolution System.

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Report a Trademark Violation

To verify if a site is TRUSTe Certified, click on the TRUSTe Seal to ensure it links to an active TRUSTe Validation Page hosted on You can also search the Trusted Directory on this page to determine if the site is TRUSTe Certified.

If you locate a site displaying the TRUSTe Seal which does not link to an active TRUSTe Validation Page, or the site is not listed in our Trusted Directory, this is a potential trademark violation and should be reported to TRUSTe immediately. To report the site, please click the link below:

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