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With Privacy Concerns Alleviated, More Auto Shoppers Submit Quality Leads

Dealix prides itself on sending the automotive dealer community only in-market, active buyer leads from the web – never duplicate leads or leads without valid phone numbers. In fact, the “Dealix Quality Pledge™” is entirely based around this promise. That’s quite a pledge to live up to, especially as the company’s revenue depends on delivering such carefully qualified leads. This case study depicts a tested and proven measure that helps Dealix continue to deliver on their pledge.

Can Eliminating Privacy Concerns Increase Online Conversion Rates?

Just what defines a “qualified” lead for the Dealix clientele of auto dealers, dealer groups, and manufacturers? It starts with collecting accurate information about the potential shopper, from a valid phone number and email address, to the shopper’s true ability to finance a car. In other words, a qualified lead is a shopper serious about buying.

And Dealix, one of the world’s most prolific suppliers of such leads, is serious about converting its online shoppers into actual buyers. The company understands that the more shoppers trust their website, the more likely they are to submit authentic, fully filled out lead funnels that Dealix can match to the right auto dealers. Of course, gaining that trust isn’t easy. If auto shoppers are sometimes still hesitant to buy at an actual car lot, just imagine how wary they are about the process of giving their Social Security numbers and other private information to automotive websites. Especially when such sites are independent from a dealer or OEM.

Dealix takes the TRUSTe privacy seal on a test drive.

Believing that an extra measure of privacy assurance for auto shoppers could boost leads, Dealix turned to TRUSTe, the pioneer in online privacy certification. Known for its distinctive seal of approval for eCommerce sites, the TRUSTe privacy verification process is designed around a stringent set of criteria, while minimally disruptive to the client and typically completed in under a month.

Once TRUSTe verified that Dealix met the necessary privacy standards, the car lead company was ready to test the TRUSTe privacy seal’s actual impact on conversions. Dealix placed the well-known TRUSTe privacy seal at the end of a lead funnel that had operated 60 days prior to the seal’s placement – providing a solid benchmark to analyze potential conversion rates.

A seven percent increase in conversion is not easy to come by. We would confidently recommend to all of our affiliate suppliers that they consider submitting their sites for TRUSTe privacy certification to establish the trust shoppers need to complete their lead funnels

– Anna Zornosa, Dealix General Manager and EVP of the Cobalt Group, parent company of Dealix

The TRUSTe privacy seal boosts conversion rates for brands big and small.

After thirty days, results were crystal clear: the TRUSTe privacy seal had increased quality lead conversion for Dealix by 7% – a meaningful impact on the company’s revenue.

It’s worth taking a moment to consider that Dealix is an established and recognized company that already acquired thousands of quality leads for car dealers every day, winning accolades from the dealer community like “Best Provider of New Car Leads” at But no stone is ever left unturned in the company’s continuous quest for more and better leads. And after seeing how the TRUSTe privacy seal ramped up conversion rates, Dealix encourages its lesser-known affiliate sites to adopt this famous privacy seal, as well.

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TRUSTe powers privacy compliance and trust by enabling businesses to use data across their customer, employee and vendor channels. We have nearly 20 years experience and a team of over 150 professionals dedicated to providing data privacy management solutions and services, including assessments, certifications and our SaaS-based Platform. The Data Privacy Management Platform provides control over all phases of privacy; from conducting assessments and implementing compliance controls to managing ongoing monitoring. Companies worldwide rely on TRUSTe to minimize compliance risk and protect their brand.

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