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Taleo is the leader in on-demand unified talent management solutions that empower organizations of all sizes to better manage recruitment and employee performance processes. Over 4,200 organizations use Taleo for talent acquisition and performance management, including 46 of the Fortune 100 and over 3,500 small and medium-sized businesses across 200 countries and territories.

Leveraging TRUSTe’s Seal & Support

For the past 10 years, TRUSTe certification has helped Taleo build and maintain customer confidence in its data privacy management practices. Taleo processes the sensitive Personally Identifiable Information (PII) of online job applicants and employees on behalf of other businesses around the world. Given the confidential nature of this data, Taleo undertook a multi-step process in preparation for TRUSTe certification. With TRUSTe’s help Taleo designed and implemented privacy policies and procedures, introduced technologies to support these frameworks, trained employees on best practices and implemented monitoring and reporting tools.

To maintain compliance with program standards Taleo utilizes the TRUSTe Services Manager portal to review the results of regular site scans verifying site privacy and security. As a further sign of Taleo’s commitment to best privacy practices the company provides its users with a link to a consumer feedback service used to detect any potential privacy and security breaches before they become an issue.

TRUSTe has helped Taleo become the leader in talent management services. Customers demand privacy assurance and the TRUSTe program enables Taleo to further demonstrate it meets and exceeds their requirements.

– Martin Dubois, Sr., Information Security Officer, Taleo

Partners in Growth

Since 1999, Taleo has relied on TRUSTe’s expertise for best practices in privacy for its global business and is certified with the TRUSTed Websites seal. Taleo is also certified against the European Union Safe Harbor program which helps assure customers, especially those located in European Union and Switzerland, that Taleo will adequately process confidential HR data on their behalf. Finally, Taleo takes advantage of the annual TRUSTe certification process to test their internal systems and processes.

About TRUSTe

TRUSTe powers privacy compliance and trust by enabling businesses to use data across their customer, employee and vendor channels. We have nearly 20 years experience and a team of over 150 professionals dedicated to providing data privacy management solutions and services, including assessments, certifications and our SaaS-based Platform. The Data Privacy Management Platform provides control over all phases of privacy; from conducting assessments and implementing compliance controls to managing ongoing monitoring. Companies worldwide rely on TRUSTe to minimize compliance risk and protect their brand.

Increase consumer confidence in your business

Increasing your online sales depends on customer trust and online credibility. These TRUSTe service packages for small and medium businesses can help you simplify privacy issues and protect your reputation with industry-leading complaint-handling services. Discover the business benefits of displaying a trust mark from TRUSTe, the most respected name in online privacy.


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