File a Privacy Dispute

Learn more about how to file a privacy dispute with our independent dispute resolution service.

TRUSTe privacy programs hold companies to high standards – helping them protect the privacy of your personal information. Company’s back this up by offering TRUSTe online Dispute Resolution which lets users report potential violations of posted privacy statements and specific privacy issues that pertain to TRUSTe clients. TRUSTe investigates all eligible complaints and mediates solutions between users and clients.

To file a privacy dispute regarding a TRUSTe verification or certification client, follow these steps:


    Verify that the complaint is a privacy matter relating to a TRUSTe client — visit the directory.

    Contact the company regarding the issue.


    If the TRUSTe client does not resolve your issue quickly and satisfactorily, complete the Dispute Resolution form.


    TRUSTe will review your complaint, make sure it’s eligible, and mediate a solution.


Privacy Shield Program

To learn more about TRUSTe’s role under Privacy Shield click here.

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